Homemade cool treats can keep heat and dry mouth at bay

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Summer treats can be big on the cool factor, but the high amounts of sugar can leave you with a dry mouth. 

Posted: June 10, 2013

treats fight dry mouth

Summertime is filled with fun activities in the sun, yet spending extra time under the warm rays can really prompt a thirst. While most people up their water intake slightly during the heat of summer, it can be much easier to stay hydrated when a beverage or treat is appetizing to drink or eat! By making fun summer refreshments at home, you can keep the amount of sugar or additives (which can be a cause of dry mouth) to a minimum.

Here are a few great ideas that have some good benefits for your mouth to boot:

While traditional lemonade is often filled with loads of sugar which can dry out your mouth as well as acidic lemon or lime juice which can be hard on the enamel of your teeth, a drink made with mint is strong on flavor and low on dry mouth inducing additions. Make yourself a quick mintaid by adding a handful of mint leaves that have been pulverized to a pitcher, and then adding two pints of cold water. Add a pinch of sugar to taste - by making it yourself, you'll know exactly how much you're putting in, so you can minimize dry mouth. The cool mint will quickly make your temperature feel much lower!

As a great bonus, mint is also a natural bad breath treatment and is good for helping to calm indigestion, so not only will you be feeling cooler on a hot summer day, your breath will be fresher and your stomach will be happy!

Kiwi juice pops
If you've got a blender, a freezer and a few Dixie cups and popsicle sticks, you've got all you need to make some delicious kiwi pops! Just add 8 to 10 kiwis into a blender, blend the fruit until it's a nice pulp, then pour into individual Dixie cups or a popsicle tray. Kiwis have one of the highest percentages of calcium of all fruits, which can help to keep your teeth strong. Other minerals and vitamins in this powerful fruit include vitamins C and K. Best of all, kiwis help promote saliva production, so your mouth will be feeling cool as you eat and will stay nice and refreshed long after you've finished the healthy treat.

No matter what your plans may include for this summer, it's a good idea to incorporate a variety of  treats that double as dry mouth remedies and can help cool you down.

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