How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: July 8, 2010

Getting rid of bad breath could be as simple as brushing your teeth more often or it could be far more complicated. There are steps you can take yourself and others that you ll need the help of a medical professional with. Knowing which is which is where you ll find relief, both from the condition and from the feelings of self-consciousness and inadequacy that often accompany it. There is a solution, so don t despair.
Oral hygiene and dry mouth are the two most common causes of bad breath and each can be easily remedied. Brush, floss and drink lots of water. The food and plaque that build up between teeth and under gums can cause your mouth to emit a foul odor when you open it. A lack of oxygen-rich saliva in the mouth allows certain sulfur-producing bacteria to multiply and causes you to have bad breath. This happens mainly at night while you re sleeping, leading to that infamous morning breath we ve all experienced at some point. Keep your mouth hydrated and look for oxygen-containing rinses and supplements to take before going to bed at night if you want to avoid it.
Sometimes, a trip to your medical doctor could be the solution to eliminating bad breath. There are a number of gastric and pulmonary conditions that can cause it and problems with the kidneys, liver, and immune system are often detected by its presence. If you ve tried everything else and it doesn t seem to be working, have yourself checked out. The problem could be physical, not oral.
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