Kanye s Diamond Teeth

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: November 5, 2010

For those of you that haven t already heard, Kanye West has diamond teeth. And we thought he already had everything.
Kanye recently showed off his bottom-row bling on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and there s coverage of him exposing his sparkling grin in the November issue of Vanity Fair.
Kanye first announced his new bottom teeth on Twitter back in July (picture can be seen @kanyewest).
Singers with blinged-out teeth aren t anything new. Lil Wayne is often seen sporting his bejeweled mouth out and about. However, he underwent a series of root canals and tooth implants to save his original teeth. And it s a good thing because he did have to remove his grills when he went off to Riker s Island prison. His teeth- jewelry slip on over his actual teeth.
Kanye s new teeth aren t going anywhere. His actual bottom teeth were reportedly knocked out back in 2002. Staying true to his true larger-than-life style, he had permanent diamond ones put in.
This might prove to be a challenge in the years to come. Chewing may be difficult, not to mention brushing. It s also possible that the diamond bottom row might start to erode the upper row of his actual teeth.
What advice can we offer him? Make sure you brush regularly and floss (if he can floss the bottom teeth) and use an oral rinse at least twice day. And be sure to see your dentist regularly.
They are diamonds after all, so keep them shiny and the rest of your mouth healthy.
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