New Device Might Make Going to the Dentist a Little Better

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: August 22, 2011

Is there anyone that actually enjoys or looks forward to going to the dentist? Probably not. The strange sounds, the drills, the smells, the needles and the dental bill definitely don t make anyone want to visit the dentist more often than they need to. However, some inventors at London South Bank University, Brunel University and King s College London have come up with a new device that cancels out high-pitched sounds from dental drills that set many nerves on edge.
Pretty cool right? This device plugs into an MP3 player so the nervous patient can listen to his or her own music while being worked on. Rather than the high pitched screams from the drill, this device cancels out that sound completely. But what if the dentist or technician is talking to you? No problem the inventors have that covered by including adaptive filtering. This allows the patient to still hear what the dentist is saying but cancels out the drilling sounds. How is it done? Adaptive filtering targets a specific sound wave even when the volume and frequency of that wave changes. This great invention is all thanks to professor Brian Millar of King s College who came up with the initial idea.
So when can we start using these devices? It s not quite that simple yet. Millar states, What we need now is an investor to develop the product further, to enable us to bring this device to as many dental surgeries as possible, and help people whose fear of visiting the dentist stops them from seeking the oral healthcare they need.
Hopefully an investor will be found and soon, rather than dreading the dentist visit, we ll be creating a playlist for it. Don t forget, the best way to prepare your mouth for a regular dentist visit is to use the TheraBreath products that are right for you. If you aren t sure which ones are best for your needs, just take our quick online breath evaluation for free.
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