New York Doorman Suspended for Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: December 10, 2007

Harriette Cecilio of AHN News gives us the scoop about Jonah Seeman, whose bad case of halitosis earned him a one-day suspension from his job as a doorman. Bad breath business is serious business, especially if it directly interferes with your source of livelihood. See related news video from
New York, NY (AHN) - In Manhattan, doormen with bad breath are at risk for suspension.The 60-year-old Jonah Seeman, who has been opening doors for tenants of four-building Gracie Gardens complex on East 89th Street for 40 years, has been thrice suspended because of halitosis.The last suspension order came on Friday, prompting Seeman and the union that represents him, to file a formal complaint on the case.His employer sent him a letter on Nov. 21 saying it couldn't tolerate his severe breath odor while on duty any more.
Seeman was naturally offended but since receiving similar notices in May and July, he has stopped eating garlic, uses mouthwash, cologne and deodorant and takes breath mints on the job.
"I just say, 'Good morning, have a nice day, smile, feel good, don't worry about anything,'" Seeman told CBS station WCBS-TV in New York.
The one-day suspension was without pay, a considerable loss of income for the Brooklyn resident, who supports his 81-year-old mother.
"His job, which he does well, is opening the door - not to be opening his mouth," said Adam Reingold, an apartment resident, who was surprised by Seeman's suspension.
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