No bad breath with new onion

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY: A sweet onion for sweet breath.

Posted: March 9, 2015

A friendly new cultivar of onion is soon to debut in United Kingdom markets. The Asda Sweet Red, named for the U.K. supermarket chain, has been more than 20 years in the making, Alastair Findlay of Bedfordshire Growers told The Telegraph.

Findlay took great care in finding the perfect balance of flavors for the sweet onion. He tasted between 400 and 500 bulbs each growing season until he was satisfied with the result: a sweeter, less astringent onion that complements salads, works well raw and even pairs with some cheeses. It has been described as being juicier than other onions. 

Beyond flavor, the onion variety boasts an even bigger talent: It promises to not cause bad breath. Its less potent sulfur content reduces the likelihood of it wreaking havoc on the mouth, since sulfur is the main culprit behind onion-breath. Asda Sweet Red's subdued pungency means the odorous irritant won't stick around on the tongue for too long. It also means less stinging in the eyes for the person tasked with chopping. This is good news for anyone who loves aromatics but is not so keen on breathing fire through the tears.

While 40 tons of the vegetable will soon make their appearance in Asda stores, the variety has yet to go global. For now, those who can't get their hands on the reduced-sulfur bulbs will have to continue using traditional antidotes to onion odor, such as parsley and sugarless gum, with the usual reminder to drink plenty of water. Mouthwash, thankfully, continues to be an effective and widely available weapon against bad breath until the Asda Sweet Red or others like it become more prevalent.

But if one farmer can do it, the future holds promise for other onions following in the steps of the Asda Sweet Red. 

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