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Peter Griffin from 'Family Guy' has bad case of halitosis!

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: October 1, 2013, Updated: January 24, 2014
SUMMARY: New England dad Peter Griffin comes down with some foul breath. How did he get rid of it?

halitosis dad bad breath

Even Peter Griffin has fallen victim to bad breath. In the latest episode of "Family Guy," which aired on Sept. 29, Peter finds himself with rancid breath he can't seem to get rid of. Even worse, he doesn't know what causes it. If only he had some Therabreath Oral Rinse! To try and solve things, he breathes into fans and Meg's mouth before finally going to the dentist. And guess what? The dentist figures out the reason behind Mr. Griffin's awful, smelly "dad breath." A whole shrimp was lodged in his chompers.

While you might not overlook an entire piece of fish in your mouth, it is certain that food particles stuck between teeth often trigger halitosis. The anaerobic bacteria which normally live in your mouth combines with the deteriorating part of your last meal to create stinky sulfur compounds. Everyone is familiar with that rotten egg smell- the technical term is hydrogen sulfide. Now you know why your friend offered you two sticks of gum.

You could say that Meg wasn't too happy about her dad's odor. Exhaling right in front of someone else when you have halitosis is one of the grossest things in daily life. According to dentist Jonathan B. Levine, 90 percent of people between the ages of 16 to 40 believe that having bad breath is one of the worst social mistakes you can make.

Similarly, his wife Lois couldn't be too pleased about sleeping with her lover man like that. Everyone knows about morning breath. That is caused by dry mouth, or when saliva production slows down while you sleep. It's even worse if you snooze with your mouth open. 

Remember that what you eat is what you exhale. If it's close to shirt-over-the-nose worthy going in, it'll be bad coming out. Onions, garlic, tobacco and alcohol are some of the obvious culprits. This is because once the food is digested, it enters your bloodstream and is expelled by the lungs. 

What is 'dad breath,' and does it only pertain to fathers?
Dad breath is when you have a stinky mouth that reminds you of your father or grandfather. Indeed, dads get a bad wrap for this one. Nonetheless, it is good to take measures to avoid this from happening. 

Anyone can have dad breath, but it derives from the myth that bad odor in your mouth is hereditary.

How do you discreetly tell people they have halitosis?
A classic technique is to take out gum or mints for yourself and then offer them some. It usually works if you play it off casually. Don't stare at their teeth while cringing.

Another good method - depending on your relationship with the person - is to tell him or her upfront that they have unpleasant breath. Many times being straightforward and not beating around the bush is the best way to get something done. If the smell-emitter is your friend, you should be in the clear. However, if you think the person, such as your boss or relative, would get offended by it, you might have to bring it up more sensitively, like, "Excuse me, I have this problem too, but your breath is a little unpleasant right now. Would you like a mint?"

How can you tell if you have bad breath?
A good way to tell if you have it is by reading people's social cues when talking to them. If they turn or step backwards, it might be hint that your mouth is emitting more than just what you're saying.

Another bad breath detector is to lick the back of your hand, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then smell it. If it makes you furrow your eyebrows, you probably could use a piece of gum or alcohol-free mouthwash. In addition, warding off anaerobic bacteria by brushing twice each day can also help.

The bottom line? Peter Griffin fixed his problem with a simple check-up at the dentist. Keep good oral hygiene and visit your dentist at least twice each year. They will be happy to see you, no matter what the state of your breath is.

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