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Prepare For Summertime Events & Festivals

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  TheraBreath is preparing for summertime events and festivals, which means food and drinks that cause bad breath. Here are great tips to keep your breath fresh!

Posted: August 12, 2013

With the summer in full swing and festival season well underway for music fans across the country, there are a few things that die-hard audiophiles can take into consideration when attending the next big event. And what better way to prepare, than to take advice than from the newest release from 1990s grunge rockers, the Pixies? 

What kind of advice can festival goers take from the tune "Bagboy?" Watch out for halitosis. That's right - the group's newest track is about bad breath. Before heading out to the next concert, street fair or festival in your area, take these pointers to make sure the song isn't directed toward you. As they say, "cover your breath, polish your teeth."

Take it easy on the alcohol

Summer seems to bring out an urge to pop open a beer and enjoy the beautiful weather, and when you're at a festival, it's hard not to. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol causes halitosis for a number of reasons. Beer and liquor have a strong odor that stays in your mouth while, as well as after, you're done drinking, especially if you are consuming a lot. Make sure to avoid dark liquors as much as possible as well as strong beers. Secondly, drinking alcohol may cause dry mouth, which in turn causes bad breath. Since it causes you to become dehydrated, your mouth loses moisture. When there isn't enough saliva to wash down the bacteria that cause bad breath, they just sit in the back of the mouth, on the tongue and along the gums.

Make sure to drink water

When you are at a festival or street fair, you may simply forget to drink water. Whether you don't have easy access to fluids or it just slips your mind, drinking enough H2O may not be your top priority. But if you're out all day long, it's important to make sure you are well-hydrated, especially if you don't want to have dry mouth or bad breath. Many large scale festivals have started offering refilling stations for water bottles to cut down on trash and encourage people to drink up!

Bring along some gum

Being out in the dust and dirt all day can make your entire body feel a bit grimy, but a stick of sugar-free gum can make your mouth feel minty fresh. Sugar-free gum is great to have on the go when you don't have quick access to be able to brush or floss your teeth, especially after meals. Since you're likely not going to be eating the healthiest food, gum can zap bad breath germs and moisten the mouth. Just make sure that the gum you opt for doesn't contain sticky substances or sugary flavoring.

Keep junk food to a minimum

Street festivals are sometimes the best places to get food because vendors are local and serve up their best dishes. However, those dishes may be a gourmet sausage, pizza or tacos, which won't bode well for your breath. After you try a calorie-filled or high-fat treat you've been craving, wash it down with a healthy all natural juice or frozen beverage. As healthier foods are becoming much more popular, festivals and street fairs are embracing veggie- and fruit-based items at events.


If you are planning to attend a 3-day festival, you'll want to make sure you're getting properly prepared when you're not at the event. Eat fruits and vegetables that remedy dry mouth and boost the amount of vitamins you're consuming before filling up on beer and junk food. Also, make sure to hydrate and thoroughly brush, floss and rinse before heading out for another big day.

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