Preventing bad breath on the TV set

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Inspired by some bad breath drama between two famous actors, here are a few ways to assure some award-winning screen kisses.

Posted: May 4, 2016

In 2001, actors Tyrese Gibson and Taraji P. Henson appeared together in the film "Baby Boy." In the movie, Henson's Yvette is the love interest to Gibson's Jody, and despite some turmoil and close calls, the pair end up together in this rather touching dramedy. History repeated itself once more when Gibson was cast to play the love interest of Henson's Cookie Lyon on the hot FOX TV show "Empire." And while many fans see this as a reunion of sorts, a continuation of the beloved "Baby Boy," there is one minor hiccup.

"Actors always want to have the freshest breath possible."

In an interview from August 2015, Gibson revealed that Henson has bad breath, which greatly complicated their "Baby Boy" love affair. But with more time to go before the two thespians get back together for "Empire" season 3 in late 2016, there is plenty Henson, and other actors for that matter, can do to assure the freshest breath possible: 

Watch what you eat
The catering setup is popular destination for actors, extras and producers, an important chance to grab a quick bite before shooting. Before that big kissing scene, though, Henson and other actors may want to consider what snacks they enjoy. Food items like onions and garlic are bad options because of the smelly sulfur compounds they contain. Similarly, dairy and most meats are easy targets for similar sulfur-producing bacteria. The same can be said of most processed or refined sugars. Even coffee, a staple at most TV and movie sets, is acidic and attracts bacteria. If you really want to freshen your breath, stick to snacks like apples and carrots, and sip only water and black tea, which contain bacteria-fighting polyphenols.

Make use of mouthwash
As part of a 2015 survey, the British Dental Health Foundation noted that only 31 percent of U.K. adults use only toothpaste in their daily oral care regimens. Using mouthwash helps to supplement the work of regular brushing and flossing. Several studies have highlighted mouthwash's multitude of benefits, including significant decreases in gingivitis, and inhibiting the anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. Mouthwash is only effective if used properly. Avoid any brand with alcohol or harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate, as these will only dry out the mouth and possibly lead to even more bad breath problems. Aim for oxygenating formulas, which attack the bacteria that cause bad breath.

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