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Salta beer offers bottle opener teeth for rugby players

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: April 30, 2015
SUMMARY: Salta beer has purchased bottle opener tooth implants for several professional rugby players.

An Argentinean beer company has developed a unique advertising campaign by implanting bottle openers in place of the lost teeth of rugby players. While everyone has likely seen someone pry the cap off of a bottle of suds at a social gathering, this cringe-worthy party trick puts the performer at risk of chipping or cracking teeth. Though bottle opener fillings may seem a bit extreme, the campaign for Salta beer, developed by Ogilvy Argentina, is providing rugby players across the country with a practical replacement for their busted chompers.

Salta beer campaign 
Rugby has a reputation for being a rough sport, and players losing teeth is not an uncommon occurrence. For professionals, the Salta beer branded fillings offer the best of both worlds. Not only does the bottle opener implant give players a quick and easy way to open a beer after a long match, but also helps prevent the surrounding teeth from crowding into the gap. Video reveals that the tooth replacements are indeed effective, and make it possible for the players to open a beer without difficulty. 

"We decided to give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle," the ad said. "But we weren't going to give them a simple tooth back, we developed a unique dental implant, a specially designed tooth to open beer."

Dr. Sebastian Juri performed the implant procedure. Each implant looks like a minuscule bottle opener and bears the Salta name along the gum line. Ogilvy notes that Salta has always had a close relationship with the sport of rugby and that the campaign was designed to represent the sport's culture, according to Fast Company. The marketing agency was initially concerned that it would not be able to find players willing to undergo the surgery, but quickly found that many were enthusiastic to undergo the procedure.

Perhaps this procedure could someday become more commonplace among athletes and beer enthusiasts alike. Other sports certainly have similar records of leaving players without all of their teeth However, for the average consumer, this procedure may simply be too expensive and impractical. Of course, another question to raise is the optimal position for the lost teeth to make the bottle opener comfortable and effective. Certainly no one plans on losing specific teeth, but odds are a bottle opener too far in the back of the mouth could make it impossible to use the tool easily.