Soon on the market: New breathalyzer to measure bad breath

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: March 19, 2015
SUMMARY: Breathometer is developing a new breathalyzer that will quantify the degree of users' halitosis.

If you're tired of the unreliable blow-against-your-hand test, Breathometer is developing a new kind of breathalyzer, reported Gizmodo. When hooked to a smartphone, the innovative device will measure the degree of bad breath and dehydration, instead of blood-alcohol content.

Expected to hit the market in August 2015, the Bluetooth-enabled Breathometer Mint calculates your mouth's humidity levels and the magnitude of Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC), the infamous breath-souring chemicals most recognizable in onions.

More specifically, according to Mashable, the pocket-sized device uses a sensor to detect methyl mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen disulfide. It also quantifies your mouth's H2O levels, letting you know whether a glass of water is the immediate fix for less-than-stellar breath.

Unlike the traditional tools that measure BAC, the new bad-breath gauge does not require a user to blow air. Instead, the design of the Breathometer Mint utilizes a tiny fan to draw air into the device, so there's little risk of breathing garlic fury on the person sitting next to you.

For those short on time, there's no need to run through all the numbers. The app will paraphrase results on a one-to-five scale of how badly you need a mint. Better yet, mouthwash will fight bacteria.

The app also offers a gentle reminder that a glass of water is good for everyone.The final version will take a quick 10 seconds to yield results.

Similar to fitness trackers, another purpose of the Breathometer Mint is to help users map positive changes in oral care habits. It also enables users to engage in some friendly leaderboard competition.

The Breathometer Mint is one more way technology shows potential to have a symbiotic relationship with a person's health, which is the exact goal Breathometer CEO Charles Michael Yim had in mind.

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