Truck driver causes accident pulling teeth behind the wheel

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY: A truck driver pullinghis own tooth caused severe traffic jams in Alabama.

Posted: February 3, 2015

By now everyone has heard about the dangers of texting and driving, but there are other unsafe distractions that can take place behind the wheel as well. For a truck driver, this proved to be all too true a sentiment when he lost control of his vehicle while trying to pull a tooth. This caused the man to veer off the road, resulting in backed-up traffic for miles on Interstate 20 going east near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in late January 2015. 

How it happened 
According to the Alabama Highway Patrol, the driver took his hands off the wheel in order to pull a loose tooth, which was described in an official report by state troopers. 

"The driver stated he lost control when he was pulling a tooth with his hands," the report reads. "He had the tooth in his shirt pocket as proof."

Though the 57-year-old man wasn't injured, this case highlights the dangers of distracted driving. By the time the driver had regained focus on the road, the truck had veered off the shoulder into a ditch and then jackknifed into a clump of trees. While the truck was completely off the road, crews attempting to salvage the wreck had to divert traffic in order to access the vehicle. This process took several hours and caused a significant traffic jam.

Although this is a rather extreme example of irresponsible oral hygiene, keep in mind that when you're driving a car, the task at hand should be the utmost priority. While we all try to convince ourselves we can multitask, brushing or flossing behind the wheel are also not advised. Make sure to take good care of your teeth when you're stably planted in the comfort of your own home. 

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