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Video gamers' delight: real gamer fuel to keep you going for hours

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: September 13, 2013, Updated: January 24, 2014
SUMMARY: Learn the secret to staying sharp during video game marathons. 

video gamer bad breath

Today is - dun dun dun - Video Games Day. Yes, it is a real thing. And who has a worse diet than hardcore gamers? It's hard to say.

In the hours they spend wearing out their thumbs in front of the T.V., gamers need fuel fast and frequently. That virtual AK-47 doesn't fire itself, you know. 

So here are some of the foods that video game young guns ingest: Hot Pockets. A top priority is efficiency. Unfortunately, that often equates to microwaveable junk food.  Hot pockets, the gooey pizza stuffed bread wrap, fits the bill. What else? In 2007, Mountain Dew launched an energy drink directly aimed at those in the video game subculture. It was called Gamer Fuel, and it was a smash. It was marketed toward Halo players specifically, who are known for their endurance in marathon sessions. 

Unfortunately, these food and beverages wear out our body and our teeth. The acidity levels in some of the energy drinks could burn a hole through your carpet. Here's the secret: a bad diet leads to sluggishness. Junk food provides quick energy, or simple carbohydrates, that leave you even further down the hill staring up than when you started. Notice the wrappers and stack of crushed energy drink cans in the corner? There's your proof.

Energy food champions
However, if you truly want to the most powerful warlord in World of Warcraft, then you need real gamer fuel. 

Let's start at the beginning of the day. It's the weekend, and you've had a long work or school week and now you buckle in for an eight hour gaming appointment with your friend halfway across the world or down the block. The best way to kick things off is with a nutritious breakfast. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends consuming carbohydrates and protein for energy and stamina. Cereal with fruit and yogurt. You may think, "great, I do that already." But don't forget about the fruit and yogurt part! Find the yogurts with active probiotics that helps with digestion, immune function and a clean mouth. This will help you stay healthy, and that goes for overall health and oral health, including strong teeth without cavities. Bad foods can lead to indigestion and too many sweets can swell up in canker sores. If you've got the headset on, you don't want to have bad breath while talking into the mouth piece. That thing can start to smell.

Another great breakfast meal is whole grain bagel with cheese, which offers a good carbohydrate boost that will last much longer than a candy bar. Same with scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. If you need a quick breakfast, go with oatmeal packs or frozen omelets. 

For lunch, grab a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. This meal packs protein, carbohydrates and fiber to give you the boost you need to stay in the game and keep from subbing out. Bananas are great, as they are a source of high fiber and potassium that help to keep your thumbs from cramping.

If you find some spinach in the fridge, throw some on a plate for a salad. These dark green leaves are rich with iron, which creates hemoglobin to carry oxygen to your cells for the production of energy. 

It's dark outside, but no matter. You're still on the couch because you've got a Super Bowl to win after an arduous 19-game football season (including playoffs). One of the best dinners to keep you rolling is salmon. It has vitamin E, niacin, riboflavin and protein - all nutrients your body needs to stay energized. 

Complex carbohydrates, which are slow burning and provide long-lasting alertness, can be found in starchy vegetables like potatoes, carrots and squash. Include one of these on the side of your plate.

Making the switch from junk food to these healthy alternatives is easy. It's all a matter of convenience. So stock up your fridge and pantry to keep yourself healthy and focused. Avoid the canker sore and bad breath causes. It's time for the game-a-thon to begin. 

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