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SUMMARY: Last week we let you know that we have made a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT to TheraBreath Probiotics AND have made them a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE at the same time.

Posted: April 6, 2011

Last week we let you know that we have made a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT to TheraBreath Probiotics AND have made them a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE at the same time.
Our new TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics are the only oral care probiotics in the world with patented BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 beneficial bacteria. If you have used our Aktiv-K12 Probiotics for fresh breath you already know how incredibly effective the BLIS K12 Probiotic ingredient is for reducing bad breath and improving overall oral cavity health. Now, our TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics blend the proven effectiveness of BLIS K12 with the newly discovered strain of BLIS M18 in order to help your body resist tooth decay, plaque buildup, tooth staining, biofilm, ear ache, sore throats, sensitive teeth, and other oral and throat issues.
Together, these two beneficial bacteria help to provide your mouth with broad spectrum protection against many common oral and throat concerns. Best of all, using our new product is easy. You brush with the included Toothpaste, then simply mix a little package of TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics with water. Then rinse and gargle. You do this every day for a week (twice on day one and twice on day seven) to attempt to colonize your oral cavity with beneficial bacteria. Once colonies are established, you should see the benefits of these remarkable probiotic bacteria rather quickly. You should expect fewer cavities, fresher breath, whiter teeth, reduction in gumand tooth sensitivity, and less frequent sore throat and ear ache incidents for those people who have a tendency to experience them. It may sound too good to be true but believe me it's not. We've spent almost 10 years developing this break-through blend of Probiotics and have been successful way beyond our expectations. If you want to know more about the science behind the product, I encourage you to visit our PROBITIC RESEARCH PAGE or download our PROBIOTIC TREATMENT GUIDE and read more.
Best of all, it is now easier than ever to buy TheraBreath Probiotics because for the first time ever they are available over the counter at your neighborhood WALGREENS Store. Because the fine people at Walgreens have ordered the product for all of their stores from coast to coast we are able to also drastically reduce the cost of TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics. While we used to charge $60 or more for probiotic treatment, the price you will pay at your local Walgreens (or on-line at TheraBreath.com) will now be UNDER $30. That's a savings of over 50% off what we used to charge (and that was less than a month ago!). To save you even more money, you can also download and print coupons for all of your favorite TheraBreath products including the new TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics by visiting us on-line.
We hope you are among the very first to try our new product. We think it's the most effective oral care probiotic ever developed, and that it will soon become widely recognized as a great new way of helping to keep your mouth clean and healthy. When that happens, you can tell everyone you were one of the very first users - the folks that helped make it a reality.
Yours in good oral health,
Harold Katz, DDS
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