Woman Gets $6,000 Fine For Beating Someone For Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: December 18, 2009

A woman in Jamaica used a piece of wooden board to hit another woman because she had bad breath, and the woman had not wanted to talk to her because of it. She hit the woman with a board when she was walking in Seaview Gardens in Kingston, and the woman hit suffered bruises and swelling to her mouth. The Corporate Area Resident Magristrate's Court may have the woman serve six months in jail or have to pay a $6,000 fine.
The attacker had told the court that she has been suffering from the other woman's halitosis for seven years. According to the Jamaica Observer, she said, "Your honour, I have been suffering for some time now because of this woman. She has bad breath and she loves to talk in people's faces and I warn her not to talk in my face.
She also added, "...but I didn't really hit her, she came up in my face and I had piece of wood in my hand and I pushed it in her face and it caught her on her mouth."
In turn, the RM said "...and for that, you will pay $6,000 or serve six months," causing the people in the courtroom to laugh.
It's never alright to hit someone with a wooden board for having bad breath, but they should have used TheraBreath!
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