4 holiday dishes that won't cause bad breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Eat more of these foods that will mitigate bad breath during the holiday season.

Posted: December 15, 2017

The holiday season is a time of love, laughter and togetherness - an opportunity to gather with the ones you cherish, exchange gifts and indulge in the big holiday meal. But some of the most commonly served dishes can put a damper on the get-together for one unpleasant reason: They cause bad breath. Poultry and other main dishes that are high in protein react with oral bacteria to produce bad breath. Popular holiday treats, such as eggnog and candy canes, are loaded with sugar and fat, which can cause cavities, induce a dry mouth and ultimately lead to rancid breath.

You don't necessarily have to stop eating these festive classics. Instead, be mindful of portion control and after-eating dental care. You can also choose these alternative options that will mitigate bad breath during the holiday season:

1. Salad with yogurt dressing
A salad that's made of crunchy iceberg lettuce and spinach makes a refreshing start to the big meal. Not only is it full of nutrients, but also spinach is loaded with polyphenols that help break down the sulfuric compounds that cause bad breath, according to Eating Well magazine. This benefit could mean you can add garlic or onion to the salad, and it won't backfire on you as badly.

Even better, if you use a probiotic yogurt-based dressing, you can combat the halitosis-causing bad bacteria with good bacteria!

2. Apple and celery stuffing
Apples and celery are delicious, crunchy, water-rich produce that can help cleanse the teeth and tongue. The water content causes salivation, which can improve freshness of breath, while the cleansing ability can remove leftover food particles stuck in between teeth. This year, bring an apple and celery stuffing as a side dish to share with family and friends. They won't even realize they're fighting bad breath while they indulge!

Add crisp apples to the holiday stuffing.Add crisp apples to the holiday stuffing.

3. The veggie platter
Much like the apples and celery can keep your mouth salivated, the other crunchy produce on the veggie platter can do the same. You can even use a yogurt-based dressing instead of a bad breath-inducing ranch or blue cheese as a dip.

4. Chai tea
Instead of sipping a cup of eggnog, try a serving of spiced black tea. According to Best Health magazine, the polyphenols in this hot beverage prevent the growth of bad bacteria, which can reduce your halitosis risk.

Keep practicing good oral hygiene
'Tis the season to be jolly, not rancid. Beyond eating more foods that won't cause bad breath around the holidays, consider practicing good oral habits after the big meal to ensure maximum breath freshness. Brushing with TheraBreath Toothpaste, flossing and then rinsing away the leftover bacteria with TheraBreath Oral Rinse can get your breath back in shape after the holiday meal. You might even consider popping a piece of TheraBreath Advanced Formula Chewing Gum into your mouth to neutralize lingering odors and produce saliva to keep halitosis at bay.

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No matter what you eat during the family get-together, remember to keep practicing good oral hygiene. Happy holidays from the team at TheraBreath!

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