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A real Valentine's Day power couple: TheraBreath Toothpaste and Oral Rinse

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: February 9, 2017
SUMMARY: When bad breath makes couples recoil on Valentine's Day, what can fight back against the smell? Call the power couple!

TheraBreath Toothpaste and TheraBreath Oral Rinse

Valentine's Day is the time to be close to the ones you love - but for sufferers of bad breath, that closeness could be hard to come by. Bad breath can be a nasty surprise. Blowing into a hand held in front of the face is a conventional way to test for problems, but it doesn't work. The human nose gets used to the smells of a person's own body. That means you may be giving your Valentine a face full of bad breath when you lean in for a kiss - not the kind of Valentine's Day gift you had in mind, to say the least.

Turn to the 'power couple'
If you suffer from bad breath, there's help out there. In this season for couples, one powerful couple in particular can help you with this common predicament - TheraBreath Toothpaste and TheraBreath Oral Rinse. Each one of these products has a unique and valuable role in the oral hygiene process.

  • Toothpaste: TheraBreath's toothpaste isn't just a one-trick pony. While it's using oxygenation to fight the bad breath-causing bacteria in your mouth, it's also preventing cavities and keeping your gums healthy. It stops your mouth from becoming dry and gives a fresh, clean feeling that lasts. But it's not alone - to add to your oral care routine, and banish bad breath more thoroughly, it's the other half of the power couple:
  • Oral RinseInstead of souring your mouth with alcohol or resorting to artificial flavors or colors, TheraBreath Oral Rinse goes to work on the bacteria in your mouth with OXYD-8. All you're left with is the pleasant, minty and natural taste of the oral rinse as any bitter, metallic or sour tastes in your mouth are washed away, along with the bacteria making your breath bad. It's the perfect complement to its matching toothpaste.

This is a couple where each half complements the other, and they're both working toward the same long-term goal - keeping your breath fresh. That's what true love is all about.

The two products described above have another valuable use for Valentine's Day - they eliminate odor related to pungent foods as well as bacteria in the mouth. That means no matter what they have for a romantic Valentine's dinner, couples sharing a kiss this Feb. 14 won't be bombarded by odors - provided they're using the right oral care products.

Perhaps true love is finding someone who will tolerate your bad breath - but this Valentine's Day, don't make them choose!

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