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Battle Bad Breath With These Foods

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: March 2, 2017
SUMMARY: You can't go through life brushing your teeth every hour - here are some foods to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

foods that battle bad breath

Bad breath is often caused by bacteria breaking down the proteins in food. This means protein-dense and acidic foods and beverages are the likeliest suspects to cause bad breath, along with items loaded with volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs).

What kinds of foods should you opt for if you're looking for a fresh-breath diet? The following items are good choices - ones that can counteract the bacterial breakdown that normally causes foul odors to arise. Fortunately, these foods and beverages are part of a delicious diet, and you won't have to go too far out of your way to find them.

An apple a day is said to keep the doctor away, and it can also work wonders for a mouth that's less than fresh. Apples cleanse the teeth and the tongue, and contain a great deal of water. When you eat them, they cause salivation instead of acting as a trigger for bad breath, which is why they clean and freshen the mouth.

The bacterial content of yogurt may be helpful in countering the reaction that breeds bad breath. Research published in 2005 in Prevention determined that unsweetened yogurt had a positive effect on breath freshness. This could be caused by the bacteria in yogurt pushing aside the reaction that leads to bad breath.

Drinking enough water is one of the many keys to keeping a mouth fresh. Water rinses the mouth and removes food debris that can break down and cause bad breath. Dentist Tina Frangella told WebMD that you should stay hydrated, which means that sugary drinks don't help.

Celery or carrots
Carrots and celery are water-rich foods that can also reduce the amount of debris in the mouth, and Frangella added that these are good additions to a balanced diet. With these foods acting as natural toothbrushes, there's less need for frequent check-ups.

Green tea
Research carried out by a Japanese team in 2008 discovered a direct link between green tea powder and the inhibition of VSC production in the mouth. Antimicrobial and odor-fighting effects of green tea make it stand out, especially since the researchers declared many other ingredients "not effective." Of course, the odor reduction observed by the researchers was temporary, but as long as you keep brushing, this is all you need.

Of course, if you want to combine fresh greens, and even apples, into a delicious side or main dish, salad is an excellent choice. This is the antithesis of a protein-dense diet liable to cause bad odors. It could even help you keep your mouth fresh when you haven't brushed for a while.

Stay fresh, no matter what
Of course, you'll inevitably end up eating foods that cause VSCs to break down. This is just natural, and there's no need to fight it - especially if you have TheraBreath's range of oral care products on your side. These are formulated to fight back against the bacteria breaking down in your mouth, and give you fresh breath, no matter what you've eaten or when.

Between the toothpaste and the oral rinse, you've got what it takes to stay fresh, no matter what you've been eating. The above foods are a good start, but the right oral care regimen is an everyday solution.

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