Boxing and bad breath remedies

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  In the ring, boxers can quickly develop bad breath.

Posted: April 25, 2012

boxing bad breath remedies

Plenty of athletes are prone to bad breath, and boxers are no exception. Many a prizefighter has had halitosis so bad that they seemingly want it to knock out their opponent for them. However, pugilists don't have to suffer from oral odor any more than the rest of us do. For "sweet scientists" with sour breath, specialty bad breath remedies can clear up odor fast.

Why do boxers get halitosis? Well, like most athletes, the prime cause is dry mouth. When boxers go round after round in the ring, they can quickly tire out and start panting through their mouths. This rapid breathing dries out the tongue and palate.

With a parched mouth, an athlete risks getting halitosis. That's because saliva keeps bacteria at bay. Without it, the microbes in the mouth quickly multiply, and as they digest food, they emit odor compounds. It is these smelly substances - called volatile sulfur compounds - that give halitosis its nasty scent.

However, there's another cause of oral odor that boxers need to be especially wary of: the mouthguard. This vital piece of sporting equipment tends to collect bacteria. If boxers don't clean it regularly, it can quickly develop a thin film of scum inside that gives off a sour smell. As with dentures and retainers, it is best to rinse mouthguards thoroughly after each use.

Likewise, boxers may consider gargling with specialty bad breath remedies, like alcohol-free rinses or oxygenating periotherapy mouthwashes, as a way to reduce their oral odor.

They could even keep it in a bottle and have their cutman squirt a little into their mouths between rounds!

...Well, okay, maybe water would be better for that. But in general, using a specialty breath freshener is a great way to take the punch out of even the stinkiest breath.

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