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By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: March 12, 2013
SUMMARY: We all experience bad breath caused by alcohol, but there are ways to tame that wretched smell in the morning. 

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Everyone experiences bad breath from time to time, and it's often caused by a person's lifestyle. From not eating healthy food to having poor oral health practices to consuming too many alcoholic beverages at a party - halitosis can set in at any time. When it comes to alcohol, it's something that others can smell on your breath, even if you've only had one drink! But all alcohol doesn't treat breath equally, and you may notice a drastic difference depending on your drink of choice. Here are a few tips to keep bad breath at bay during and after a party:

Why it happens
Alcohol has a strong smell to it - taking a whiff of any cocktail can take you back a step. When you're drinking stiff cocktails and spirits at a gathering, you'll notice that darker liquors have an extra potent smell to them, which often sits on your breath well after you take your last sip. Since the most common time to drink alcohol is generally at night, many people tend to hit the hay after a few drinks. This causes bad breath because the odor and alcohol are just sitting in your mouth for hours, wreaking havoc.

While sleeping, many people experience dry mouth, which makes any alcohol breath even worse. Plus, since alcohol dries out your system, you wake up in the morning with a dry, sticky mouth that isn't so pleasant.

Pick this, not that
Whiskey and scotch are probably the worst liquors for your breath because they are very potent. However, beer can be one of the biggest culprits because the carbonation can make you belch, letting out odorous gasses. Strong beers like India pale ales and whiskey barrel ambers are among the worst.

Unfortunately, wine can dry you out quickly and cause bad breath, but sipping on one glass a day can actually be very beneficial to your health. The antioxidants in red wine and grape seeds can help to prevent gum disease, but you'll want to regulate your consumption.

How to treat it
When you wake up after drinking wondering "why is my mouth so dry?" - it's because alcohol dehydrates you. While at a party, try to drink as much water as you can. Ideally, you'd want to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. Sometimes it can be a difficult task when you are mingling with family and friends, but drinking as much water as possible will dramatically decrease your bad breath in the morning.

Before snuggling into bed, you'll want to make sure that you drink some water as well. Not only will this help fight any hangover in the morning, your mouth will be fresh and moist. Brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing with an alcohol free oxgyenating mouthwash can also decrease foul-smelling breath in the morning. If you use mouthwash, make sure it's the alcohol-free type, because additional alcohol - even the swish-don't swallow varieties - will just increase dry mouth. Using a tongue scraper can also be a great way to defeat morning breath because it can get rid of the bacteria that lingers at the back of the mouth.

In the morning, you may be craving a greasy omelet to soak up the alcohol, but munching on fruits and veggies is a much better solution. Fresh produce has a high level of water in it, and the abrasive nature of some items can scrape away odor-causing bacteria. Plus, the vitamins and nutrients will replenish your system and help to fight that hangover.

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