Dr. Katz is Now a Columnist for Huffington Post!

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: February 10, 2010

Our very own Dr. Katz is now a columnist for the Huffington Post! He wrote his first article for this newspaper today, called "Does Your Breath Make Cupid Faint? How To Keep Your Bad Breath From Wilting Her Valentine's Day Flowers." He gives some major pointers on how you can avoid bad breath on a day where it definitely is a downfall to have halitosis.
In the article, he mentions that some sources of bad breath are milk chocolate, candy hearts, foods with a high concentration of sulfur compounds, including onions and garlic (even cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels Sprouts!), champagne, wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, most oral hygiene products have not changed in over 100 years! Most mouthwashes contain alcohol, which causes dehydration (thus causing bad breath), and many toothpastes have the harsh detergent Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as an ingredient. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate allegedly causes canker sores...and halitosis, of course. Breath mints and chewing gum contain sugar, which helps the bad breath-causing bacteria proliferate in your mouth.
Dr. Katz provides some tips on combating bad breath on Valentine's Day. Try drinking tea instead of coffee, and avoid sugar if you can. Eat dark chocolate instead of normal chocolate, since it has less sugar and no dairy. Eat fruits and veggies that have a lot of water like apples, strawberries, watermelon, and celery. In order to prevent morning-after breath, you should oxygenate your mouth, so keep hydrated and use oxygenating oral products like gum, toothpaste, or mouthwash before you go to sleep.
Source: Huffington Post
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