Encourage your college student to maintain a healthy mouth

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SUMMARY:  Send your college student off to school this year without worrying about his or her oral health. 

Posted: August 26, 2013

college student oral health

With Labor Day right around the corner, college students across the nation are either back in to the grind or getting ready to do so. Whether you are sending the kids back to college or this is his or her first year on a campus, there is likely a lot going on right now. But remind them not to forget about their oral health. Freshmen and other students who live in a dorm setting may not have private access to a bathroom, making it difficult to keep up with brushing, flossing and using mouthwash on a regular basis. However, here are a few tips to arm your college student with, so they don't need cavity treatments or suffer from bad breath while away at school.

Floss picks
These handy little instruments are perfect for college students on the run and gearing up to meet new people. Flossing tends to be overlooked, but picks make it much more convenient to get within the crevices and nooks and crannies of the teeth. Give your college students a few small bags of these so they can keep one in their dorm room and another in a bag that they take to class. Between lectures, he or she can run to the washroom and freshen up, which can be exceptionally helpful after lunch. You don't need to visit your college student for a cavity treatment just because he or she isn't flossing enough!

A good toothbrush
An electric toothbrush can rid the teeth of dental plaque, more so than a traditional toothbrush can. Since you can't be certain that your child is brushing at least two times a day, you can give them a toothbrush that has more fighting power. Make sure that it is a soft bristle brush so it doesn't work away the enamel.

Gum and mints
You may also want to get your college student TheraBreath ZOX Mints. These bad bread-fighters are perfect for lounging around the dorm room as well as taking to class or sporting events. Plus, parents don't have to worry because these mints are all natural and contain no sugary additives that will just cause issues in the mouth. If your college student is more of a gum chewing person, check out the TheraBreath line of bad breath-fighting gums that they can carry with them. 

Healthy snacks
We all know that college is a time to drink beer and binge on pizza and junk food, but this can really damage the mouth and body. Ramen noodles are a staple in the American college student's diet, because they are so inexpensive and can easily be heated up in a dorm room. But these packets of noodles and salt are far from healthy. It may be hard to get your college student to eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, but you can encourage them to eat nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate, yogurt and cheese sticks.

Water bottle
We all forget to drink enough water sometimes, but it is such an important part of our diets. This is especially important for college students who probably aren't eating the healthiest of foods. Send your student off to class with a large re-usable water bottle so they can fill up on campus and have water on-hand at all times. Staying hydrated is important for many reasons, and it can help to rinse away bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and dental caries.

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