First date no-no: bad breath

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SUMMARY:  A recent study found that the majority of women would opt out of a second date based on bad breath. 

Posted: August 12, 2013

first date bad breath

There are a few things that you need to be certain about when you are getting ready to go on a date: You are dressed to impress, you smell fresh and you don't have bad breath. A recent study shows that you might want to take more care of your mouth than the way you look. In fact, if you have smelly breath on a first date, there's a slim chance that you are going to have a second date.

Survey says...
The study, which was conducted by British E-cigarette company Neo, found that roughly 87 percent of women said they would not go on a second date with a man if he had bad breath on a first date. However, only 33 percent of men were harsh enough to nix the chance of a second date completely. While there are plenty of reasons you may experience smelly breath, there are only so many ways to get rid of bad breath at home and on the go. Don't find yourself losing out on the chance for a second date just because of your breath.

"From those asked it's clear that for the overwhelming majority of people, they can have the perfect first date with sparkling conversation and chemistry, but if he leans in for a goodnight kiss and they are met by a wall of bad breath it's unlikely there will be a second date," Estee Oren, director of Neo, said.

If you are worried about having fresh breath on your first date, consider these tips and tricks to ensure that you aren't scaring your possible soul mate away:

Bad breath is a sign of many things, including a large amount of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, a more complex health issue, gum disease or tooth decay, or that you consumed some smelly food. The best way to find a solution is to find the root cause. If you maintain a healthy routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing, chances are you are experiencing bad breath because of what you are eating.

Before going on a first date, make sure that you are properly cleaning your mouth and getting rid of excess dental plaque. Brush for at least two minutes, then floss and rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash. If you are nervous about having bad breath during a date, bring along a small container of mouthwash and some floss to freshen up.

What to eat
Certain foods, bread and sugary desserts wreak havoc on the mouth and promote the growth of anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria thrive on sugar, which is created during the breakdown of starchy foods. While you might think eating something sweet might fight your bad breath, it's likely doing the opposite. After your meal, opt for a dessert like dark chocolate-covered strawberries, which can actually combat your bad breath. The antioxidants in dark chocolate work against the bacteria while the strawberries' abrasive texture rids the mouth of food particles that have been left behind.

What to drink
A first date can be a bit nerve-racking which often means that glass of wine is going down easily. Although red wine has plenty of health benefits, it can also cause dry mouth, which in turn causes bad breath. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water during your meal to get rid of dry mouth and wash down food particles that get stuck in the crevices of the mouth.

Having a drink with dessert? Swap coffee for green tea – your date will thank you. Green tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants that combat the bacteria that cause bad breath. Green tea is great for the entire body, especially the mouth, so it's a great after-dinner beverage for any first date.

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