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Head Off Holiday Halitosis with a Bad Breath Busting Travel Kit

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: December 2, 2016, Updated: December 13, 2016
SUMMARY: Even if you've cultivated a solid oral health regime, the holidays always put it to the test.

holiday meals can cause bad breath

The winter holidays offer a chance to get close to all the people you love - and whom you might not see often enough. 

But when you leave a family gathering, you don't want the lingering impression to be, "I love Uncle Chris but his breath sure is bad."

Even if you've cultivated a solid oral health regime, the holidays always put it to the test. We'll go into more detail on this later, but many of the foods and drinks we associate with winter holidays also cause bad breath. What's more, you'll be off your routine with hectic holiday scheduling.

That's why we recommend that whether you're flying across the country or driving across town for a family gathering, bring a bad-breath busting kit with you. Travel-size toothbrushes, toothpaste, oral rinse and floss are your friends. The ones we offer at TheraBreath are small enough to fit in a purse, backpack or even a pocket. Our single-use pouches of oral rinse, for instance, won't ruin the lines of your dress pants.

If you'll be in the air, rest easy knowing that all TheraBreath travel-size products meet the standards of the Transportation Security Administration. You'll never have to throw away our toothpaste or rinse at the airport.

The benefits of sugar-free chewing
In addition to making use of travel-size oral health products while visiting family, here's another way to rein in winter halitosis: sugar-free gum. Chewing the right gum between meals boosts saliva production in your mouth. That's good because dry mouths offer the bacteria that cause bad breath a fertile environment. We highly recommend your gum contain Xylitol, as all TheraBreath gum does. This natural alternative to sugar, in sufficient amounts, fights the bacteria behind halitosis.

Now let's return to why the holidays pose such a challenge to having fresh breath. Watch out for the following foods and drinks:

  • Turkey: While this bird may be mostly associated with Thanksgiving, there's plenty of him on Christmas tables. The protein provides oral bacteria just the fuel they need to decay and result in halitosis.
  • Gravy: The lipids and oils in gravy are just the sort of resource microorganisms in your mouth like to feed on. And as we pointed out in a previous post on this subject, bits of gravy can lodge themselves in hard-to-reach places.
  • Coffee:  You're probably aware of this, but this popular drink quickly causes coffee breath. 

Of course, if you're hosting, all the above-mentioned supplies - toothpaste, floss and oral rinse - will be close to hand in your own bathroom. Take the time after the big meal to floss, brush and rinse like you know how to. You can even step away between courses. It's also not a bad way to get a breather from the family. When you're in the groove, you'll find your oral care regime can be almost meditative.

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