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In their own words: Customers link new-found confidence to oral care

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: January 18, 2017
SUMMARY: You know, bone-deep, that bad breath kills your confidence.

Proper oral care leads to high confidence!

You know, bone-deep, that bad breath kills your confidence.

Science explains why. Our ancestors relied on smell to know if foods were safe. So when we smell decay, we pull away. And that's exactly what bad breath is: volatile sulfur compounds such as putrescine and cadaverine. These unpleasant odors and others are in the waste produced by anaerobic bacteria in our mouths.

The fear that your breath might smell bad undermines confidence when we're face-to-face with others in business and personal situations. There's good news, however. Science can solve nearly any halitosis problem.

An M.D. regains lost confidence
For example, a medical doctor recently wrote to us here at TheraBreath on this subject. Here's what Robert had to say:

"TheraBreath honestly has changed my confidence level at work (as a physician) and personal life. I have used it for over eight years and have never tried another brand since. Thank you TheraBreath!" 

We're thrilled that our products have helped this doctor feel his best when on his daily rounds, in consultations with patients and when he returns home at the end of his shift.

North Carolina woman says TheraBreath 'changed my life'
Maria, writing from North Carolina, described to us the confidence boost she found by using TheraBreath products:

"I had chronic sinusitis and allergies for years. Allergies to mint made it difficult to find a good product for fresh breath. Medications, acid reflux, other rinses and post-nasal drip caused bad breath. This product has changed my confidence. I use it daily - at least two times a day if not more in between meals. I have excellent oral hygiene and regular doctors could not explain to origin of the bad breath. Dr. Katz has changed my life with his research. I do not understand why doctors do not know about his product and recommend it to patients. Thanks Dr. Katz!"

It's important to point out that Maria was doing everything right in terms of oral health: brushing, flossing and rinsing. While these habits are the bedrock of good dental health, they aren't always enough to produce good breath. That's why we're confident that adding our products to these healthy habits will sweeten your breath. We're so sure of the research behind our products and their demonstrated results that we offer "24 hour confidence guaranteed" on oral health items ranging from our oxygenated toothpaste to our sugar-free gums with Xylitol and our alcohol-free oral rinse (AKA mouthwash.)

Confidence to get close again
Customers often tell us that flossing and brushing alone did not do away with their halitosis. One TheraBreath user, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote:

"Love TheraBreath. I never wanted to get close to people because I knew my breath was always bad (even after I flossed and brushed.) TheraBreath has helped me feel more confident about myself. Thanks so much :)"

If you'd like to read more experiences from customers, please visit our "testimonials" page. We're always updating it with the latest from real people who've been helped by our research and resulting products. If that describes you, please email us or leave a note on our Facebook page.

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