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Key source of 'good' bacteria: Snot?

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: July 11, 2017
SUMMARY: Positive bacterial reactions can improve oral health, and researchers have found a novel way to stimulate this action...

Boogers are good for you!

Bad breath is caused by the action of bacteria in the mouth, breaking down in a chemical reaction. But there's more than one kind of oral bacteria. Some strains are helpful, and according to the U.K.'s Telegraph, researchers have found a novel source of good bacteria: snot.

Potentially surprising findings

"Substances such as mucous may provide value through the bacteria they provide."

You heard right, the research team from the University of Saskatchewan have determined that there is value in eating boogers. The scientists noted that the tendency to engage in sterile and clean behaviors isn't necessarily healthy. The world is a dirty place, and substances such as mucous may provide value through the bacteria they contain.

Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist and one of the study's contributors told the Telegraph that the connection between snot and good bacteria is due to the nose's ability to capture bacteria before it enters the body. Maybe eating that bacteria in small quantities could have valuable probiotic effects - at least that's what the researchers say.

No need to pick your nose
While the research team is interested in creating gum and toothpaste based on mucous, there's no need to dig for nasal gold if you want probiotic power. TheraBreath offers a line of oral care lozenges designed to create a positive bacteria reaction and clean up your mouth. This can be a great help if you want to build helpful bacteria colonies but aren't interested in boogers or products based on them.

All of our oral care products here at TheraBreath are formulated with an awareness of bacteria's role, for good and bad, in the human mouth. Whether you're using our breakthrough oral care formulas to tackle bad breath or you're more interested in stimulating good bacteria reactions that will safeguard your oral health, we have something to help you.

The power of good bacteria is something we snot included.

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