Man's best friend has man's worst enemy: dog bad breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  It's no secret that dog's get halitosis, but it also isn't something you and your furry friend have to suffer through.

Posted: March 16, 2012

dog bad breath halitosis

Yes, your puppy is prone to dog bad breath, and no, that probably doesn't come as a shock. What may be a little surprising, though, is the fact that your canine's ideal dental health regimen is a lot more like yours than you might expect.

That's what certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai recently wrote for the Huffington Post. In an article that covers the many oral hygiene problems that pooches can have, she saw fit to start with halitosis - and for good reason.

You see, just like you, man's best friend doesn't get dog bad breath out of nowhere. Whether you're a person or a pup, your halitosis is typically a sign that your teeth need a good cleaning, your gums could used some attention and your tongue is coated with odor-producing bacteria.

However, owners and dogs part ways when it comes to treatment.

"Mouthwash and chewing gum may mask your halitosis, but dogs and cats don't gargle," Shojai wrote. "They don't spit, either, making fluorinated products dangerous for pets when they're swallowed."

Instead, the author and CABC recommended oxygenating rinses and specialty chew toys, some of which are made with enzymes that attack microbes and reduce odor.

For humans, the best treatments have a lot more options (and fewer chew toys). Note Shojai's choice of words in describing typical gums and alcohol-based mouthwashes: they mask halitosis. They don't get rid of it. What's more effective, then, is to stick to specialty oxygenating toothpastes and alcohol-free rinses, which can wash away bacteria and neutralize the smell of halitosis.

That way, you can get kisses from your puppy without worrying about breathing the stink into his face that he's lovingly panting into yours.

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