Odor-fighting TheraBreath toothpaste wins gold medal for taste

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Not many specialty toothpaste brands can brag that their product's taste has won a gold medal. But we can.

Posted: February 13, 2012

therabreath toothpaste taste medal

Sure, plenty of manufacturers of specialty toothpaste will tell you that their products help clean teeth and freshen bad breath. But how many also brag about how tasty their pastes and gels really are? TheraBreath is one of the only ones that has the right to boast, and we've got the gold medal to prove it.

Recently, our toothpaste and mouthing-wetting lozenges were voted "superior" by a panel of judges at the U.S.A Taste Championship, held in Northern California in December 2011.

A line-up of experts from the organization American Masters of Taste tested the products in a triple-blind test. They ultimately awarded both our specialty toothpaste and our lozenges gold medals for their pleasing, natural flavors.

"We commend the commitment of the staff of Dr. Harold Katz, LLC for maintaining flavor excellence as well as the health benefits of an healthier Kosher-certified, vegan, sugar-free product line," the Masters of Taste panel noted in their award speech.

At TheraBreath, we were wildly flattered to win such an honor, though we can't say we're terribly surprised. After all, our toothpastes have been winning hearts, minds and mouths for years now - and not just because they can knock out bad breath!

Our oxygenating, allergen-free toothpastes, for example, use organic ingredients to dispel oral odor, cleanse the palate and scrub tartar off of the teeth. They are particularly good at oxygenating the mouth, making it hard for bacteria to find purchase on your tongue or gums, and they do it without resorting to detergents or harsh chemical.

And, we might add, they taste great. If you still can't quite believe your ears - er, eyes - search for our specialty toothpastes online, read the glowing reviews and try purchasing your very own tube today!

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