Prioritize fresh breath and great oral health for the whole family

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Get the whole family on board with an improved oral care regimen this year. Battle chronic bad breath, tooth decay and other oral health issues!

Posted: June 21, 2017

Unless you're one of the very few people blessed with always sweet smelling breath, fresh breath doesn't just happen - you have to work on it. The bacterial reaction that causes bad breath will just continue on until you deal with it. When you commit to battling back against bad breath, why not involve the whole family? Oral health habits that you impress upon your kids stick with them for life, giving them the confidence that comes with fresh-smelling breath and a bright smile.

Making it fun
Bad breath can be a sensitive topic. There are stigmas around bad breath odors, such as the assumption that people don't watch what they eat or they don't brush their teeth. These suppositions are wrong, of course - some people are simply more susceptible than others to the bacterial reaction that causes bad breath.

One way to help battle chronic bad breath in your family is to tackle it with teamwork. Parents and kids alike should take action with good oral care regimens that use oxygenating toothpastes and mouthwashes that don't contain alcohol or detergents. You can also replace potentially harmful habits such as sugary gum and mints with specialized versions designed to keep breath fresh.

For younger kids, sticking to a brushing regimen will take some convincing. Making the process into a game might be just the breakthrough you need. Giving out little marks of recognition for every day a child brushes, such as stickers on a chart, could help youngsters make progress. Then, after a set number of consecutive brushing days, the kids might receive a slightly bigger prize. Just make sure that reward doesn't take the form of a sugar-packed snack, or you could end up counteracting the progress you've made!

Once kids have committed to better oral health, you should ensure you have a good regimen of your own. Just as you can motivate youngsters to fight back against bad breath and tooth decay, you should set a good example with your behavior. This is not to mention the fact that sometimes grown-ups aren't the best at keeping up with their oral health, and may need their own extra motivation. Use your family's efforts as a boost to your own efforts to wipe out bad breath.

Start your kids off with better brushing habits!Start your kids off with better brushing habits!

The right lineup of products
TheraBreath is dedicated to giving you and your family the help you need, through our commitment to producing premium oral care products that attack the root causes of bad breath and tooth decay, rather than including ingredients that might perpetuate them. Consider the following items when you're making your family's oral health plan.

Toothpaste: Using a toothpaste specially designed to battle bad breath is a great start to your oral care regimen. When you're encouraging the whole family to join in, why not order in bulk? TheraBreath offers discounts when you buy two tubes of toothpaste at once. This toothpaste is free of the harsh ingredients that populate other brands, and is designed to help with gum condition, dry mouth symptoms and cavities as well as bad breath.

Mouthwash: TheraBreath offers several mouthwash options - including a new formula specifically for kids. Achieving a great taste and oral health benefits without artificial coloring or flavoring options, this new oral rinse for kids allows you to include the whole family when developing an oral care regimen. Using an oral rinse is a great habit to get into, and TheraBreath For Kids! Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse makes it easy to get started at a young age.

Bad breath, cavities and other oral health hazards aren't insurmountable. It's time for you to take on these challenges head-on, and to bring the whole family along. Better brushing and rinsing habits can be helpful and - dare we say it? - fun.

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