Snack Intelligently for Fresh Breath On The Go

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  A lot of snack foods cause the bacterial reaction behind bad breath. What kind of items can help resolve this situation?

Posted: April 13, 2017

Snack Intelligently for Fresh Breath

When you're living with chronic bad breath, it's natural to look for ways to control it when out and about. What you eat can be a big determinant of whether this condition flares up or not, so it's time to look for snacks that won't activate the bacteria that lurks in the mouth. In fact, this is a good chance to break down the whole process of managing your bad breath when you're on the go. Since learning what to avoid is a vital component of breath freshness management, we'll delve into that alongside the list of helpful snacks.

Snacking Effectively
To pick the right snacks for bad breath management, you need to remember what causes the condition to flare up in the first place. The unpleasant smell of bad breath comes from a chemical reaction in the mouth. When you eat foods that are dense in protein or highly acidic, the bacteria inside the human mouth goes to work on that food, causing problems.

This means your snacks should be low in protein and have manageable acidic content. There's also a class of naturally smelly foods to stay away from. These are the items like garlic, onions and curry that contain mercaptans. Mercaptans are sulfuric compounds that cause their own brand of bad smell, augmenting existing issues to create a noticeable unpleasant odor.

While the kinds of green vegetables that minimize bacterial activity don't scream "snack food" at first glance, these can be your best bet for fighting unwanted odor on the go. A few celery sticks are a good choice, one that can keep you munching away happily without fear of a bad breath flare-up.

Some types of yogurt also have the natural power to battle bad smells. A Japanese research team figured out in 2005 that some of the bacteria strains found in yogurt have a noticeable breath freshening power. The reaction is mysterious, but may involve a layer of helpful bacteria that lessens the impact of process behind bad breath.

One of the pleasant side effects of adding more fresh veggies and low-additives yogurt to your snack rotation is that these are fresh, healthy foods in general. A diet based on raw, natural products and one focused on keeping your breath fresh have a lot of overlap.

Stay Hydrated
There's another element to keeping odor down, and it, too, is a good health idea in general: You shouldn't let yourself get dehydrated. When you're on the go, whatever you eat, you should supplement it with plenty of water. Dry mouths are breeding grounds for bacteria. By this same token, food and drinks with drying agents are best avoided. You'll frequently come into contact with one drying agent in particular - alcohol. Food and beverages that contain high alcohol content put you at risk of dry mouth. Worryingly, some leading mouthwashes have exceedingly high alcohol content.

Knowing What to Avoid
In addition to drying agents, sulfur, protein and acids, what else is a possible bad breath risk? Some oral care products such as breath mints containing sugar go on the list. Maybe when you're out on the town, you grab a mint or lozenge rather than a full snack. Ironically, this action designed to keep your breath fresh may be filling your mouth with the exact bacterial reaction that leads to bad breath. Sugary breath mints are a contradiction in terms.

There is a long list of things to watch out for. When you're dealing with chronic bad breath, the list can start to seem prohibitive. When even some mouthwash products and breath mints are risk factors, what can you do? TheraBreath's line of oral care products is designed to resolve this situation. Our mouth-wetting lozenges and advanced formula gum go with you when you're on the town, keeping you from ending up with a dry mouth - and the resulting smell.

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