Teen habits that can cause bad breath

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: October 18, 2016
SUMMARY: Here are some things that teens do that could be causing them to have bad breath.

Between schoolwork, applying for colleges and managing a busy social calendar, most teenagers have more than enough to worry about. Unfortunately, there may be one more thing on that list - bad breath. Some common habits of teenagers are associated with negative oral health, which can cause halitosis. Teens who have the condition may find that their breath smells unpleasant, even after chewing gum or sucking on a mint. Here are some habits that might be causing the bad breath:

Getting piercings
While piercings have become more socially acceptable, they can still have a negative effect on oral health. Tongue and lip rings can chip teeth and cause gums to recede, leading to a whole host of issues, which can include halitosis. In addition, the holes can become infected, which creates even more problems throughout your teenager's mouth. 

Drinking sugary drinks
Even just a single can of soda per day can increase the amount of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth and cause bad breath. In addition, the syrupy consistency of these sorts of beverages means they linger on the mouth, teeth and gums for far longer than they should. 

Too much junk food can lead to bad breath. Too much junk food can lead to bad breath.

Too much coffee
While a cup of black coffee isn't too bad for your teeth, teenagers tend to take theirs with a lot of sweet additives. If a young person is regularly drinking caffeine and sugar-loaded beverages as part of a his or her daily routine, it could affect oral health, causing tooth decay and bad breath. 

Eating a poor diet
For many teenagers, junk food is a diet staple. The combination of a fast metabolism and little money means that young people often turn to fast food when hunger pangs hit. These foods lack nutritional value, including the vitamins and minerals that balance out anaerobic bacteria, and can be hard to digest. This sometimes manifests itself in the form of bad breath. Parents should encourage their children to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead. 

Bad breath can be embarrassing and cause social stigma. However, there are measures that teens can take to avoid this issue. Regularly engaging in good oral care habits, visiting the dentist regularly and using Therabreath products can all ensure that halitosis is not a concern. 

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