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SUMMARY:  If you find yourself getting "deodorgrams," then you may need help freshening your breath.

Posted: July 20, 2012

halitosis deodorgram

It's no easy task to tell someone you love that they stink. But it's your responsibility to let them know - after all, would you rather they heard it from you or, say, their boss during a meeting? It's tough to break it to anyone that they have halitosis or body odor, which may be why one natural body care company is offering to send "deodorgrams" for just $10 a shot.

These anonymous gifts consist of a gift-wrapped stick of natural deodorant, complete with a pre-selected message. It's a B.O.-based version of the virtual breath mint that we offer at TheraBreath, which sends an anonymous, gentle email to anyone. You can view it here:

Sending the word from afar

According to the product website, a "deodorgram" can be sent either as a gift or anonymously, complete with one of three pre-selected messages for the recipient.

At Glamour Magazine's Daily Beauty Blog, writer Beth Shapouri concluded that such a service is cute but, overall, a little cold. She suggested just discreetly telling someone they have a little BO and offering suggestions. Shapouri added, "I'm holding out for the Halitosis Hologram, where Tupac comes to your door and tells you it's time to pop some gum."

Telling them upfront

At TheraBreath, we understand how difficult it is to break the news to someone that they have halitosis. We can also see the value in giving specialty, "healthier" odor neutralizers to friends and family. But when possible, see if you can do it in person, quickly, quietly, privately and understandingly.

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