The tooth fairy gets creative

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SUMMARY: The Tooth Fairy doesn't need to go broke to encourage kids' interest in their teeth.

Posted: April 1, 2015

Though there are many different tales behind the history of the Tooth Fairy, one thing is certain about the favorite ally of 5- to 7-year-olds everywhere: She isn't leaving any time soon. Paying a pretty penny for each loosened molar, the hero fairy continues to reassure children fearful of pulling loose teeth. She might not be such a necessary fixture for kids who aren't afraid of freeing their baby teeth, but most of the younger set is accustomed to expecting a reward in exchange for teeth. Parents everywhere would be hard-pressed to spoil the mythology. 

Depending on the Tooth Fairy's mood, prices for teeth range anywhere from $1 to $20, according to an informal Facebook poll conducted by finance expert Ron Lieber. His findings even included an urban tale of a $100 gift under the pillow. For parents who want to impart realistic expectations by regulating tooth market prices, a different approach might be in order. Here are some suggestions for keeping costs modest, without sullying the fun of the Tooth Fairy:

Use different currency
Among the findings in Lieber's search for alternative approaches to the Tooth Fairy was a stor
y of parents who rewarded foreign currency. The coins and bills from other countries offered the promise of travel, once the children were older. In the meantime, the different kinds of money provided novelty and a lesson in saving resources. 

Reinforce good brushing habits
Toothbrushes a
re not always boring, noted Pop Sugar. A plethora of cartoon-character shapes and fun colors abound, and these tools can double as gifts from the Tooth Fairy. 

Keeping the magic
Another suggestion is to offer children proof of the elusive visitor's existence. Leave behind "evidence," such as a wand or dropped bracelet, which can double as gifts. A letter from the Tooth Fairy can also do the trick, in addition to encouraging children to read. 

Parents who are skeptical of exchanging monetary reward for a different gift can always opt for a combination of both, without breaking their own banks. 

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