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TheraBreath for Kids! Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse: Good habits start early

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: May 1, 2017
SUMMARY: With a great flavor and cavity-fighting formula, TheraBreath's new kid-focused oral rinse is designed to start good habits.

Happy Kids

Using an oral rinse to fight bacteria that causes tooth decay is a valuable practice for people of all ages. People may be especially drawn to oral rinses as they grow older and the mouth naturally becomes drier. However, it's possible and preferable to start great oral care habits when your children are young. Now, thanks to TheraBreath for Kids! Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse, parents have a great-tasting and effective option to ensure their little ones develop sparkling oral hygiene.

Great flavor, wholesome ingredients
The idea behind introducing an anti-cavity mouthwash for kids is similar to the concept that led to TheraBreath's products for adults. Namely, the major brands of oral rinse products contain ingredients that could be harmful to breath and overall oral health. You deserve a better alternative, and that's TheraBreath.

When it came to developing a formula for kids, taste was key, but not at the expense of natural ingredients. It's tough to get kids to commit to an oral hygiene regimen if the key products don't taste good, which is the reason for TheraBreath's "Gorilla Grape" flavor. That said, all that effort to get youngsters to enjoy using the product would have been in vain if the good taste came at the cost of oral health. Why use a mouthwash that does more harm than good?

Oral health advantages

"Gorilla Grape" is a certified natural flavor that originates in organic grapes and includes the healthy sweetener Xylitol instead of artificial flavorings and colorings. Parents who swear by a daily TheraBreath mouthwash regimen can pass along this good habit to their kids, and it won't be a tough sell due to the effort that went into crafting a taste that's both delicious and free of harmful ingredients.

Now that they have a great-tasting TheraBreath formula of their own, kids are in line for the many oral health benefits that come from using this mouthwash.

  • Cavity prevention:  Sparing kids a visit to the dentist for fillings is a great goal for parents. Along with regular brushing, TheraBreath for Kids! Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse is a great way to help ensure teeth stay strong, healthy and cavity free.
  • Breath freshening: While the risk of bad breath can increase with age, it can strike any time. Freshness, and the potential confidence boost that comes along, are there for kids when they use oral rinse products.
  • Habit building: Patterns that kids develop when they're young could be with them all the way into adulthood. Having a daily oral care regimen is a healthy and productive precedent to set while children are still growing up. As the risks of bad breath and cavities continue on throughout life, so will efforts to keep oral health sparkling.

The latest of many products
Once kids graduate from TheraBreath For Kids, they'll find there are a host of helpful TheraBreath oral rinse options, with some designed for breath freshening, others for dry mouth symptoms and still others meant to keep gums healthy. There are a lot of things a kid can do to put their oral health at risk - and TheraBreath is committed to counteracting them and keeping your kids healthy.

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