Travel-sized oral care products: Never leave home without them

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Products designed to tackle the causes of bad breath are available in portable and travel-size versions, meaning that oral health and fresh breath confidence can go with you wherever you may roam.

Posted: July 18, 2017

Persistent bad breath is no one's fault. Even people who brush and floss frequently may end up with bad breath odor, potentially made worse by issues such as alcohol consumption, eating certain foods or mouth dryness. Persistent, recurring bad breath can be tamed by specific and targeted oral care using the right products, but people may still be hesitant to travel.

What if bad breath resurfaces out on the road - far from home and the toothpaste and mouthwash regimen of your own bathroom? For people who suffer from a chronic bad breath odor, this scenario can seem only too real. Staying home begins to look easy compared to taking the risk of getting bad breath away from the safety of your trusted bad breath solutions.

Missing out on the joys of travel and exploration would be a shame. Luckily, travel-sized containers of the very products designed to tame bad breath are here to help people retain their confidence, even when they're hundreds of miles from home. Bacteria-fighting power isn't something that should only be available in one's own bathroom cabinet.

Take it on the go
The science of fresh breath is rather advanced these days, and there are many different products designed to keep the responsible bacterial reactions in check. Here's a list of relevant products that can be slipped into a purse, pocket or travel bag to keep odors down and confidence up for chronic bad breath sufferers.

  • Toothpaste: This is the one indispensable element of oral hygiene. It's important to get the right toothpaste for the situation, however. Buying a tube of toothpaste while traveling might fail to get the job done if it isn't specially formulated to deal with the bacteria that causes bad breath. Once someone finds a brand of toothpaste that handles bad breath in a targeted and relevant way - such as TheraBreath, of course - travel-sized tubes of that toothpaste can bring its benefits on the go.
  • Mouthwash: Mouthwash and oral rinse products are a great complement to toothpaste in maintaining mouth health and fighting bad breath. Just like toothpaste, however, some brands' formulas are more potent than others. When mouthwash producers lean too heavily on ingredients such as alcohol, they may be harming their ability to fight the bacterial reaction that is the real culprit behind bad odors. Mouthwash that comes in small bottles - or even single-use pouches - can be a great travel accessory.
  • Mint and gum: The most natural portable breath aid is the handy mint, easily slipped into a pocket or bag. Mints or gum that are specially designed to fight bad breath can help out with oral health. Those that aren't created with this objective in mind can cause issues, however. No matter how minty they smell, sugary gum and mints contain ingredients that bad breath thrives on.
Great oral care projects now come in small enough sizes to travel.Great oral care projects now come in small enough sizes to travel.

No distance too great
Of course, when a trip involves flying, TSA restrictions can keep medium and large items from going along. This is where "travel size" goes from a matter of convenience to an absolute must. Accordingly, TheraBreath's travel size line is designed to comply with air regulations. People suffering from bad breath get to travel with the products they need to stay fresh and confident, even when they go by air. Getting set to hit the town in a new city becomes less tense and more fun when bad-breath-causing bacteria meets its match.

The TheraBreath range of travel products is made with the same care that empowers our whole line of mouthwash, toothpaste, mint and gum items. These are the same great formulas that keep your breath fresh at home, just packaged to make the journey. Fresh breath is an enabler of personal confidence, and should be available on the road.

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