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Battle that dry mouth that is always causing issues

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: November 26, 2012, Updated: March 29, 2016
SUMMARY: Dry mouth may be causing a lot more issues than you may believe.

battle dry  mouth issues

When you are suffering from a dried out mouth, there are many things that can be uncomfortable and challenging throughout your daily life. From not being able to taste your food adequately to being unable to breathe properly, there are several parts of your life that may not be up to par. In order to stop dry mouth from interfering with your life, you need to first determine why you are experiencing this uncomfortable illness. If it goes untreated, it’s possible that your parched mouth can lead to bad breath, sensitive teeth and other unwanted mouth issues.

Do you just feel dried out?
When you are experiencing dry mouth, this may lead to chapped lips and dry skin in and around the mouth. Your lips can become cracked and painful, and this can even lead to the surfacing of sores. This symptom is especially common during the winter months when your skin is more prone to cracking because of the cold, dry air. Your tongue may feel dry as well, no matter how many gulps of water or cups of steamy tea you drink. Since your mouth is dried out, this may lead to some embarrassing social moments. Have you ever wondered how that lady in the red lipstick got it all over her teeth? It’s possible that she is suffering from dry mouth, and there is no saliva to wash down that red stain!

There are several ways to treat dry mouth, and most of them don’t include any prescription medication. Right before you hit the hay, freshen your breath and help fight dry mouth with a little vitamin E. In many cases, this vitamin can play a vital role as a restorative agent. From helping scars dissipate on the skin to moistening the mouth with ease, this wonder vitamin can be an excellent solution. Purchase vitamin E tablets at any drugstore or supermarket, and rub the oil on the inside of your mouth. Slather this substance all over your cheeks and on your tongue. This will help keep the mouth nice and moist, because it sometimes tends to get dried out during the night. Whether you are prone to sleeping with your mouth open or shut, this remedy will help combat the issue.

There are also a number of healthy, oxygenating products that you can use to get rid of the issue and keep it from coming back. No matter what your condition is - or how it starts - there are oral rinses and toothpastes that will get to the bottom of it. If you are having severe dry mouth issues, try an extra strength product that packs an extra punch to keep your teeth, gums and throat fresh and clean. Having dry mouth can make anyone feel like they have bad breath, and the embarrassment associated with bad breath can keep even the liveliest of people stuck on the couch. By using alcohol free mouthwash and natural toothpastes, your dry mouth will disappear, and you’ll feel as confident as ever.

If you are always on the go, TheraBreath AO serum is a great way to combat dry mouth on the road. This potent - but not in a bad way - serum can be added to a glass of water for an on-the-go mouth rinse. Want to make sure you wake up every morning with a fresh feeling in your mouth? Cleanse your palate with a few tablespoons of the solution before bedtime, and you’ll forget all about that dry mouth that was once keeping you down. 

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