Battling the pregnancy dry mouth

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Dry mouth is a common, yet annoying symptom that often pops up during pregnancy; however, there are several ways to combat this oral health issue.

Posted: April 1, 2013

pregnancy dry mouth

Experiencing dry mouth in the morning is very common, especially among pregnant women. Although it can be uncomfortable and frustrating, this condition is not very serious and can usually be alleviated easily. Often times, it is a side effect of a medication that is being taken during pregnancy. Since the body is going through changes and the metabolism is increased, symptoms like dry mouth are nothing to be concerned about; however, there are several ways to lessen the discomfort during this time.

During early pregnancy, a lot of fluids are processed through the kidneys, and the body is trying to increase its total blood volume. Because the body is trying to store water, it creates the feeling of dehydration and dry mouth. Pregnant women may also experience cracked lips and a burning sensation in their mouth.

Staying hydrated
Drinking plenty of fluids is by far the easiest way to avoid dry mouth in the morning. It can be helpful to have a bottle of water on hand at all times so that it's easier to drink the proper amount of water throughout the day. Doing so will help avoid waking up in the middle of the night or in the morning to grab a sip of water. Replenishing drinks like coconut water can also help combat dry mouth because it contains vitamins and minerals that aid in staving off dehydration.

Staying hydrated is extra important for women who are experiencing morning sickness, vomiting and frequent urination. These common issues can make dry mouth worse, as the body is losing vital fluids regularly.

It's likely that pregnant women have already cut out caffeinated beverages that cause the body to dry out, but if not, it's important to avoid coffee, tea and soda.

Leading to other ailments
Dry mouth itself isn't very serious if it is treated properly, but if it isn't, it can lead to bad breath, tooth decay, or bleeding gums in extreme cases. A dry mouth basically traps food particles and bacteria in the teeth, the gums and back of the mouth. Pregnant women who are experiencing this may benefit from bad breath remedies such as sugar-free gum or mouth-wetting lozenges. Both of these will increase saliva production in the mouth and prevent bad breath.

During pregnancy, many expectant mothers will want to make sure they are not putting chemicals and additives into their body. TheraBreath products are an ideal solution, because they are vegan-friendly, kosher, approved for diabetics and sugar-free.

Brushing, flossing and rinsing with  this oxygenating, alcohol-free mouthwash can also help to combat dry mouth. Keeping a clean mouth during pregnancy is just as important as keeping the body healthy. If bacteria is able to accumulate in the mouth, it can lead to many other oral issues. TheraBreath toothpaste and mouth rinse are great options for expectant mothers to maintain top-notch oral health.

Many women experience a metal cotton mouth issue during the first trimester of their pregnancy, which can even make issues like morning sickness much more uncomfortable. In this case, drinking lemonade or other citrus-based juices can reduce the metal taste in the mouth.

If the problem persists
If dry mouth continues even though precautions are taken to avoid it, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Some pregnant women may experience gestational diabetes, which causes high blood sugar from hormones affecting the way that insulin processes glucose. Fortunately, this is not as serious as it may seem and can be resolved after giving birth by exercising and dieting.

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