Celebrate World Water Day March 22

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SUMMARY:  In light of World Water Day, reevaluate your diet to make sure you're consuming enough water, and find ways to conserve this precious resource.

Posted: March 20, 2013

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Friday, March 22 is World Water Day, an event that helps to educate individuals across the globe about the importance of water conservation and why this resource is so beneficial to a person's health.  This annual event is held to advocate the management and sustainability of this resource, and the theme of this year's event is water cooperation.

In light of the global event, the Wellness Committee of the Bermuda Hospitals Board released a fact sheet of the importance of water as a part of one's regular diet. Here are some of the benefits of water that the whole world should be able to take advantage of:

The wonderful benefits of water
Staying well-hydrated is great for the body and mind, and helps to keep the memory sharp and the body feel more motivated. If you ever feel like you're dragging throughout the day - think to yourself,  "how much water have I consumed today?" Water keeps your kidneys functioning properly and your skin elastic, so there's never a bad reason to drink a few extra glasses! 

Water helps to keep the mouth healthy and fresh. Drinking water after a meal can decrease the probability of halitosis, because it helps to wash away the food particles that were caught in between the teeth and the bacteria that sit at the back of the mouth. Water is also a great way to get rid of dry mouth! If you're experiencing dry mouth, it's likely that you may also have bad breath. Those food particles and bacteria are just hanging out in your mouth.

Conserving water is a major point of this event, and there is actually a way that you can conserve your intake of fluids each day. Did you know that you won't need to drink as much fluid if your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables? If you are able to switch from a meat-centered weekly diet to one based in vegetables and grain, you'll still get the proper amount of liquids. Most vegetables have a water content of 90 percent, and the ones with the highest amount include celery, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and zucchini. If you find that you frequently experience halitosis, switching to a veggie diet during the week could help alleviate this issue. It's not necessary to give up meat all together, but cutting it out of your everyday diet could help. 

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