Don't be embarrassed by bad breath this New Years!

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Keep minty fresh breath while you're partying into the new year

Posted: December 27, 2012

bad breath new years

It's just about that time to ring in the new year and celebrate the year's end with family and friends. Whether you're planning on sticking to a low-key night of a few cocktails and dinner or you're thinking about going for a night out on the town, you may experience some unpleasant side effects in the a.m. Well - yes, a hangover! But that hangover comes with other oral health issues like dry mouth and bad breath. Do you ever realize when you wake up from a night of drinking and your breath is so foul it offends you? That's because alcohol causes the mouth to dry out, and if you're drinking fruity drinks or bubbly beverages (champagne!) it can be even worse. Try not to clear the room with these tips to keep your mouth smelling fresh into the new year.

You are out at a party enjoying the appetizers and delicious cocktails being served, but because that crabcake you just ate was loaded with garlic, your breath is probably foul! Although you may think that trading the garlic smell for a fruity scent of pomegranate or cranberry should do the trick, you're actually just making your mouth even more dry and these smells are sticking around for the long haul. Parties can be hectic and even though you plan on sipping on a glass of water between every few drinks, it may reach a point where you forget or don't have time to make a b-line to the fridge. Well make time. If you are able to sip on water between snacks and drinks, you'll be able to wash down the smells - plus you may not have a hangover.

One alcohol better than the other?
Well, every kind of alcohol will cause you to have bad breath or dry mouth, but some aren't as bad as others. For example, whiskey, beer and other dark liquors will leave the worst stench in your mouth because they smell strong. Instead, opt for a cocktail made with vodka which is considered to leave the least amount of odor in your mouth. You may want to choose a light cocktail as well like a vodka soda with a splash of lime rather than a lemontini with a bucket of sugar and loads of acid.

Freshen up
Just like sipping on water throughout the night may seem challenging (drink as much water before going out as you can to make sure your body starts out hydrated), heading to the bathroom to brush or floss may be difficult as well. If you are at a bar, they often have attendants with mints and small bottles of mouthwash - in case you're planning a midnight kiss - so take advantage of these amenities. You can even bring along your own. You can carry around a small toothbrush, floss or mouthwash and every time you head to the washroom, freshen your breath by removing more bad breath bacteria. Just make sure that you aren't using mouthwash with alcohol in it because it will just cause dry mouth even more.

Brush before bed
After your night out on the town, you may come home and head right to the comfort of your pillows and blankets, but rinsing your mouth of all the alcohol and food that you've consumed throughout the evening may save you from a great deal of mouth odor shame in the morning. Even if it is the quickest tooth brushing job around, make sure to clean your teeth before hitting the hay - you'll be thankful in the morning. You may even want to sip on a glass of water before getting to bed, it will help alleviate the hangover and your mouth won't be as dry.

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