Don't skip the vitamins when fighting bad breath

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Having stinky breath is not only embarrassing, it's typically caused by unhealthy habits. Your nutrition can be the direct cause of the foul breath that is causing you to pop breath mints constantly. You know that “you are what you eat,” but did you also know that your breath is just as reflective of what you eat as your body weight? Increasing the amount of healthy vitamins and minerals can leave your breath smelling fresh and your body feeling great!

Write it down

You may have heard that writing down what you eat and the amount of exercise you do can help if you're trying to maintain or lose weight, but it can also help you determine why your breath is stinking up the room. You can use an old fashioned journal or an app on your smartphone to keep track of everything you are consuming throughout the day. On days you are experiencing bad breath, you'll want to take a note of it. By doing this, you may find a link in your daily habits and bad breath. Did you skip your mid-afternoon apple? Or maybe you indulged in a sweet treat after dinner. Once you find the root of your halitosis, it's much easier to get rid of it. Be sure to take note of the amount of water you consume and the beverages you drink as well.

Know your ABCs (plus E)

Vitamins A, B, C and E are great in getting rid of your halitosis! Did you know that oranges, berries and melons can help prevent gingivitis and gum disease? Both of these oral health issues are directly related to the way your mouth smells, because your mouth lets off smells that are indicative of its overall health. Also, these fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps to hinder the anaerobic bacteria that accumulates in the mouth and causes bad breath. Vitamin A can be found in fish oil and egg yolks, and it is a natural way to combat infections in your mouth. It helps to heal any mouth sores that will cause bad breath.

Improve digestion

Vitamin B helps us digest our food, so it's no surprise that having a deficiency can lead to bad breath. This leads to increased amount of waste in your blood. Vitamin B is found in several different kinds of seafood including octopus, caviar, crab and lobster, but it's also in eggs, cheese, beef and lamb.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very important in keeping the entire body healthy, but it can help target bad breath because it encourages healthy cells. Some also believe that it improves the immune system to fend off odor-causing bacteria. You'll want to increase the amount of leafy greens, nuts and seeds, which have high amounts of vitamin E.

Stick with solids

There are often simple ways to get around a vitamin deficiency in the body by increasing the amount of fresh foods with a particular vitamin. However, many people also revert to taking daily vitamins to get their fill. No matter how old you are, chewy vitamins are a fun alternative to the traditional ones that you swallow, but these can actually be causing issues in your mouth. Unless you're following your gummy with a glass of water, the sticky substance may be left behind in the crevices of your mouth and teeth. This can rot your teeth and lead to bad breath and other oral health issues over time.

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