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SUMMARY:  Dry mouth is more serious than many people consider it to be, make sure your mouth and body stay healthy.

Posted: December 11, 2012

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Experts believe that about 44 million Americans suffer from dry mouth - and not just in the morning - but a lot of people don't realize it. While many people may think this issue is normal, it could actually be affecting your health dramatically. Not only does saliva reduce the risks of experiencing bad breath, but it can promote an overall healthy mouth.

Pregnancy and dry mouth
If you are experiencing dry mouth and you're pregnant, the two could actually be linked. Because of the hormonal fluctuations and changes in the metabolism, it's very common for women to experience a dry mouth. You may always feel like you are thirsty and your mouth feels like saliva production is hindered, which is because the body stores water for the increasing total blood volume.

The most common cause of dry mouth when you're pregnant is being dehydrated. Pregnant women tend to frequently urinate and suffer from morning sickness (vomiting), which can make it challenging to stay hydrated. Also, your metabolism speeds up when you're pregnant. Increasing the intake of fluids, especially water and sugar-free juices will help alleviate this issue.

There are also products that help get rid of dry mouth. Without enough saliva in the mouth, you don't have enough enzymes to help with the digestion of food, stabilize the pH or supply the mouth tissues with enough oxygen to stay healthy. Natural products that help promote all of these issues are great for anyone suffering from dry mouth, and natural products do not contain alcohol so expectant mothers don't need to worry about putting harmful things in their bodies.

Symptoms of dry mouth
include cracked lips, an intense dry feeling in the mouth and throat, a burning sensation in the mouth, a dry or raw tongue or problems eating. Dry mouth is also known to lead to bad breath because the bacteria gets stuck in your mouth.

If you've tried to increase the amount of water you take in but still suffer from cotton-like dryness, your dry mouth could be caused by a different issue. Dry mouth can be a sign of diabetes or other complications as well. If issues persist, it is important to get help so that any minor issues don't result in further complications for you or your baby.

Virtually anyone can experience having dry mouth, and unless it is a symptom of a greater issue like diabetes, it can usually be combated with just a little effort. However, if it isn't treated, it can lead to more issues.

Don't ignore the problem
Nurse Lauren Geeter told the local news source that her mouth was always dry, but frequent water breaks helped get rid of any uncomfortable issues. However, her acid reflux medication was causing the dry mouth, and she ended up with cavities in her mouth. Since saliva alleviates a lot of bacteria in the mouth, her lack of saliva caused an increase in bacteria.

"If the bacterium is growing in their mouths, there could be a systemic threat to their whole body," Dr. Stephen Hsu, told Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC. "The complications can be severe."

The use of alcohol free mouthwash and toothpaste free of sodium lauryl sulfate will help promote a healthy mouth. Similarly, green tea polyphenols are known to have a lot of protective properties that fight the problem. If you find yourself constantly suffering from a dry mouth, consider sipping on green tea instead of coffee. 

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