Post-nasal drip symptoms include bad breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  While it's not always easy to tell when you have post-nasal drip, one of its primary symptoms is a lingering case of halitosis.

Posted: February 24, 2012

post nasal drip symptoms

It's still cold and flu season, and that means that coughing, hacking, throat-clearing, post-nasal drip and bad breath are as rampant as ever. If you're not familiar with post-nasal drip symptoms, be forewarned that this condition can cause serious halitosis while at the same time preventing you from smelling it.

When healthy, your nose produces a thin layer of mucus that catches dust, grit and microbes while keeping your nasal passages moist and clean. In fact, in a single day, your nose pumps out about two quarts of mucus, most of which you end up swallowing.

However, if you are beginning to get ill, say with sinusitis or a cold, your nasal secretions may become more plentiful. This gunk then slides down the back of your throat, giving you the insuppressible urge to cough or clear your throat.

This is post-nasal drip, a condition that often results in oral odor, since the thick mucus associated with it gives the bacteria in your throat and mouth something to live on.

What are the post-nasal drip symptoms? They include:

- Coughing/throat-clearing. This is the primary indicator that you may have post-nasal drip. The constant running of moisture down the back of your throat can make you feel like hacking up a storm.

- Halitosis. Possibly the next most common symptom. Post-nasal drip leads to oral odor, and if you have a sinus infection, your stuffed-up nose might be too clogged to smell your own halitosis.

- Sore throat. This is due to bacterial infection.

To target the halitosis caused by post-nasal drip, try gargling with a specialty mouth rinse. Afterward, use an oxygenating breath freshening nasal spray to clear out your nose and throat a bit.

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