Relieve the pain of canker sores

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Canker sores are annoying and can cause an abrupt halt in your daily food and beverage intake.

Posted: January 9, 2013

relieve canker sore pain

Canker sores are painful and annoying - but that's obvious to anyone who suffers from them. These mouth ulcers can stop you in your tracks, and keep you from eating some of your favorite food and drinks. While there is actually no permanent method to get rid of these ulcers, and no one is entirely sure of where they come from, there are a few ways to possibly prevent them from ruining your day.

Why are they so painful?
Canker sores
are tiny lesions in the mouth, but despite their size, they can cause great pain. They are actually small, shallow ulcers - meaning there is a small hole in your mouth - that can be very sensitive to strong food and drinks. They sometimes burn or feel tingly in the mouth, and they sometimes get swollen. It's common for someone to experience more than one canker sore at once, which makes it even more difficult to eat, drink and sometimes talk.

What causes them?
There are many natural causes for canker sores that we simply have no control over. For example, women are much more prone to experience these sores - sorry, ladies. Women may also experience canker sores more often during their menstrual cycle. They usually occur in women, young adults and teenagers who are between the ages of 10 and 40, but they can happen at any age to both genders. It's likely that you'll experience at least one canker sore during your lifetime. Kids who have braces are much more prone to canker sores as well, because it's more probable that they will get cuts on the inside of their mouth - which creates a breeding ground for canker sores.

Canker sores may also appear in someone who is stressed out ... way to make a person even more stressed out! When someone is going through a stressful time in their life, it's likely that they aren't getting enough sleep, and this is the prime time for canker sores to pop up.

Change your toothpaste
If you are experiencing canker sores frequently, it's a good idea to switch your toothpaste to one without sodium lauryl sulfate. This is a harsh agent found in most toothpastes that you'll find in the drugstore that causes the foaming action in your mouth. Most people like this because it makes them feel like their mouths are really getting clean, but it can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth seems like a minimal issue that can easily be resolved, but it can lead to other oral health issues such as bad breath. Using an oxygenating non-SLS toothpaste that is free of sugar, unneeded flavorings, dyes and detergents will help improve the overall health of your mouth, and will help fight against canker sores.

Natural remedies
In addition to changing your toothpaste, there are several natural remedies that can help you prevent and get rid of canker sores. Many people who experience canker sores often are linked to a vitamin B12 deficiency, therefore it could be helpful for some to increase their intake of this vitamin to combat these sores.

Another remedy is lady's mantle, which is an herb that has long been considered a treatment for mouth and throat infections, among other issues. A preliminary study found that a gel with lady's mantle helped individuals who were suffering from canker sores. This herbal remedy has astringent and styptic properties because of the amount of tannins it contains. 


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