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Best Gum for Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

What may be considered the best gum for bad breath should contain ingredients that help increase saliva flow in the mouth as well as inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria responsible for halitosis. While most chewing gum merely provides a temporary remedy for bad breath by masking odors with strong, minty extracts, some may actually help in supplying a long-term cure for bad breath.

Best Gum for Bad Breath Should:

  1. Increase Saliva Flow
  2. Inhibit Anaerobic Bacteria Growth
Flavored chewing gum seems to eliminate bad breath bacteria, as discovered by research funded by the Wrigley Corporation conducted at Chicago's University of Illinois.

According to the results of the study, subjects chewing gum containing cinnamon oil experienced a significant reduction in saliva-based bacteria responsible for bad breath. Subjects chewing unflavored gum exhibited saliva that contained the same amount of anaerobes found prior to the experiment.

Even when subjects chewed gum containing flavors other than cinnamon, the results revealed a 40 percent reduction in bad breath bacteria. Director of the experiment Dr. Christine Wu, who is also involved in research at the University of Chicago's College of Dentistry, states that "chewing gum can be a functional food...with a significant impact on oral hygiene over the short-term as long as it contains antimicrobial agents such as cinnamic aldehyde or other natural active compounds.(Science Daily)

TheraBreath? Probiotic Chewing Gum

therabreath gum for bad breath However, to experience a 100 percent, total elimination of bad breath and the dry mouth condition often accompanying halitosis, the best chewing gum for bad breath is Dr. Katz's TheraBreath Probiotic chewing gum. This gum provides nearly 500 million K12 probiotic bacterial cultures that have been found to be powerfully effective in killing sulfurous anaerobic bacteria responsible for bad breath. In addition, people chewing this chemical-free gum report less incidences of chronic ear, nose and throat inflammation that often contributes to dry mouth and excessive halitosis.

Aktiv-K12 is a potent ingredient that attacks bacteria and protects the mouth from periodontal disease. When you chew one piece of TheraBreath Probiotic Chewing Gum after brushing and rinsing in the morning, the probiotic microbes establish themselves in the mouth and consistently defend your teeth and gums from destructive anaerobic activity.

Chewing TheraBreath Probiotic Chewing Gum is also a good way for people suffering from bad breath to oxygenate their mouth and increase saliva flow. Halitosis is primarily attributed to dry mouth syndrome (xerostomia), a condition in which anaerobic bacteria flourish. Salivation increases when gum is chewed, so swallowing frequently when using the best chewing gum for bad breath reduces halitosis by lubricating the throat with saliva full of Dr. Katz's Aktiv-K12 ingredient. What many people do not realize is that much of what causes bad breath lies in the back of the throat where oxygen is minimal and anaerobic bacteria are plentiful.

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