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Dry Mouth Remedies

By - Bad Breath Expert

Dry mouth can become a very big problem for people of any lifestyle and work situation. Because it is so hard to deal with, many people just work around it. However, there are plenty of dry mouth remedies that help you beat the problem and keep it at bay. You simply need to know what it is, what to do and how to manage it in the future for your own sake.dry mouth remedies

There are some things you might be feeling that will indicate to you pretty strongly that you have a problem with dry mouth. It's much less obvious than the name suggests. You have to be very aware of what your body is doing so that you will not have problems that persist for long periods of time. Dry mouth is an issue that can be dealt with swiftly.

Dry mouth doesn't just make your mouth dry. It also makes your mouth feel sticky. You could also have a dry throat, dry tongue, tingly feeling in your mouth, bad breath, trouble swallowing or an unquenchable thirst. Any of these things could point in the direction of a pretty big case of dry mouth.

You might end up with dry mouth due to a medical condition or as a side effect of some kind of medication or medical treatment. You want to consult a doctor about the side effects of any kind of medical treatment you're receiving just to make sure you are not confused if things start going awry.

Treating dry mouth could be the easiest part of the process. However, it only works when you are vigilant about making sure that your mouth isn't dry. The treatments are simple, but you cannot take this problem lightly.

The best thing to do is to help increase saliva production. You could go to a doctor who can prescribe heavy duty medications that can stimulate saliva production, but that is really only for those who have tried all the other remedies one can do at home.

The first remedy is probably the most fun. You could simply suck on hard candies that you feel will last a long time. The more you suck on these kinds of candies, the more your mouth will have to produce saliva. Though you might be deficient in this area, it is the best way to get the mouth going. However, you will have to do this pretty regularly to see some results. It's a sweet way to make the problem better.

Chewing gum will offer about the same results. You will have the gum in your mouth for a long time and, every minute that you chew the gum, your mouth will be forced to produce more and more saliva to keep up.

Both of these techniques do require you to do something you might not normally do. Sometimes, people are not into chewing gum or eating candy, but these are the quickest routes to getting your body to respond to its need for saliva. Otherwise, you will be left with the same problems as before.

Keeping hydrated is a smart thing to do because getting more water in your system makes it easier for the body to produce saliva. Don't worry at the first sign of dry mouth. Consume large amounts of fluids so that you can get rehydrated. You'll likely find that the problem is cleared up in no time. If you have a chronic problem, consuming water regularly will likely give your body the resources it needs to be a more consistent producer of saliva.

You will also find that good oral hygiene will help your mouth stay healthy enough to produce saliva regularly. The bacteria that live in your mouth when it is not well taken care of can cause your saliva glands to slow significantly.

You might need a trip to the dentist to make sure that you do not have a disorder or disease going on in your mouth. Of course, a cleaning could also help to expel bacteria from your mouth that could be causing your dry mouth.

This may sound simple, but breathing through your nose rather than your mouth will help. Passing all of that cool air through your mouth will cause everything on the inside of your mouth to dry out more quickly. Continually breathing through your mouth will cause the problem to get worse and worse.

This problem can easily be worsened at night when you are not aware of what you're doing and could work against improving your situation. You could help yourself at nighttime with a humidifier that you keep in your bedroom. You could also do the same thing with your whole home. There are humidifiers that can be tied right into a home HVAC system.

There are also over the counter remedies that act as substitutes for your own saliva. You can spray them in your mouth and ingest the tablet that will help your mouth to produce saliva or simply replace it altogether.

When none of these home remedies work, that is when you go to a doctor for a more specific diagnosis. You want to know what's causing the dry mouth, how to handle it and get a prescription to solve the problem.

You could get around going to the doctor by using home remedies and being very careful with your oral hygiene. However, sometimes the cause forces you to take more extreme actions. Regardless of the nature or extent of your problem, using home remedies, possibly visiting the doctor or making a purchase online through a site like can help.

Not only will you get to fix your dry mouth, but you'll be able to keep it fixed with a combination of home remedies and store brands. You might be suffering with anything from dehydration to nerve damage, but you can solve those problems through a home remedy or prescription to get rid of dry mouth.

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