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How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

By - Bad Breath Expert

Knowing how to prevent tonsil stones can help sufferers of these irritating and embarrassing growths from experiencing difficulty swallowing, sore throat, coughing spells and worst of all, severe bad breath. Tonsil stones, also called tonsilloliths, can create persistent ear pain due to the tonsils sharing nerve pathways with the inner ear. Since these stones are irregularly shaped, the edges of the stones may irritate the sensitive mucous membranes of the tonsils and cause inflammation that eventually reaches the ear.

Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath

The reason why these white, chalky tonsil stones cause halitosis is primarily due to the substances from which they are made. When dead cells, food particles, mucus and other stagnant mouth debris collect in the tiny fissures comprising the surface of the tonsils, these substances quickly solidify, forming minute stones that remain trapped within tonsil crevices and cause discomfort for the sufferer. As the principle perpetrators of bad breath, billions of sulfurous anaerobic bacteria are packed into each tonsil stone, constantly emitting foul-smelling gases as they busily consume proteins lying in the pockets of the tonsils. People who have accidentally bitten a tonsil stone or had one disintegrate in their mouth can tell you how malodorous the inside of a tonsil stone really is. Unless tonsil stones are manually removed or prevented, bad breath will continue to plague the person with tonsil stones, often to the point where the person is too ashamed to interact with friends or family.

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones from Forming

Tonsil stones develop due to a variety of reasons:

  • Using mouthwashes that contain alcohol will cause dry mouth, a condition conducive to bacterial and tonsil stone growth
  • Consuming large amounts of dairy products contribute to the calcification of tonsil stones
  • Poor oral hygiene creates a stagnant, debris-filled condition ripe for anaerobic bacteria proliferation
  • Neglecting to floss, scrape the tongue and brush twice a day directly affects the number of tonsil stones arising within tonsil fissures
  • Experiencing repeated bouts of tonsillitis
  • Suffering from post nasal drip, chronic allergies and/or sinusitis
  • Drinking too many sugary drinks and not enough water

It can be difficult to prevent tonsil stone formation, even when following recommended guidelines. People who are desperate for relief from the embarrassment of bad breath and the discomfort of the stones sometimes resort to surgical removal of their tonsils and adenoids. While tonsil removal in children is relatively risk-free, adults undergoing tonsillectomies often experience longer recuperating times, more pain and occasionally, problems resulting from adverse reactions to anesthesia. Surgical excision of tonsils leaves raw spots in the throat that heal slowly and are extremely painful. Sometimes enough blood seeps from these areas following removal of the tonsils that the patient needs to return to the operating room for further treatment. For reasons physicians are not sure of, adults seem to experience abnormal bleeding more than children do after a tonsillectomy. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your tonsils and also prevent tonsil stones from forming.

Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit by TheraBreath

Therabreath tonsil stones prevention kitTreating tonsil stones with oral hygiene products capable of enhancing saliva flow and oxygenating the mouth will result in fresher breath and eliminate stones. Dr. Katz, creator of TheraBreath oral care products, has provided consumers with special kinds of toothpastes, mouthwashes, gargles and sprays that target halitosis, tonsil stones and the volatile sulfur compounds produced by anaerobic bacteria which cause bad breath. His Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit contains everything you need to transform your mouth into a clean, tonsil-stone free, oxygen-rich, great-smelling environment that kills bacteria while improving gum and teeth health. Using TheraBreath's oral rinse, toothpaste and nasal-sinus drops to eliminate bad breath, as well as the AktivOxigen tablets and serum, to get rid of existing tonsil stones, customers will experience the relief of not dealing with tonsil stones and bad breath within a very short time. Additionally, TheraBreath's nasal-sinus spray works to prevent tonsils stones by oxygenating the sinuses and back of the throat with the power of OXYD-8. It also works great for people who suffer from bad breath due to allergies, postnasal drip and chronic dry mouth. TheraBreath products contain no harsh chemicals that are often found in over the counter oral hygiene products. Instead, they provide customers with Dr. Katz's exclusive OXYD-8 ingredient that has been amazing users of his products with its ability to eliminate bacteria, chronic halitosis and tonsil stones.

Dr. Katz of Therabreath® Describes Tonsil Stones Prevention and Treatment

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