TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss

TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss (4-pak)

Blends two coated floss strands: CoQ10 with xylitol to support oral health and prevent tooth decay
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Size: 40 meters x 4 packs

Flavor: Vanilla Mint

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Two Unique Strands Combine For The Ultimate Floss!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 50% of adult Americans are living with gum disease. As your dentist has been telling you, the best thing for preventing gum disease is regular flossing. What you want is an improved version of the same dental floss. Something that did more for your mouth while you flossed. That’s why Dr. Katz created TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss.

TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss uses our proprietary CQX system, which creates a single string of floss from two strands. Each strand is coated with a different ingredient proven to improve your overall oral health, from gums to teeth. Naturally orange CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant and prevents damage from dangerous free radicals. Naturally white xylitol is a natural sweetener with proven oral health benefits.  It inhibits acid production and leads to reduced tooth decay.

The strands of TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss are made of PTFE, the same material used in high-tech GORE-TEX® fabric.  It slides easily between teeth with minimal shredding.  The natural wax coating improves grip and makes for an easy flossing experience.

We’re so confident in the effectiveness of TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss that we back it up with our 100% guarantee. If you haven’t seen improvement in your gum health, contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Use TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss with our TheraBreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse and TheraBreath Toothpaste for the ultimate daily oral care regimen!


Coated Dental Floss with Xylitol and CoQ10


Pull out and cut off a generous length of floss (about 18 inches).

Wrap the ends of the floss strand around your index fingers, using your thumbs to hold the floss tightly when stretched.

Insert the floss between each pair of teeth and slide up and down on each tooth's surface to remove plaque and debris all of the way down to just below the gumline. Be sure to floss the back side of each rear molar. Discard used floss, rinse out mouth with TheraBreath Rinse then brush teeth as normal with TheraBreath Toothpaste when possible.

Don’t worry if your gums bleed or are a little sore after the first few times. With daily flossing your gums will heal and the bleeding should stop. However, if you feel gum pain while flossing, you’re probably flossing too hard.

Floss at least once a day.

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40 meters x 4 packs
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Vanilla Mint
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1 TheraBreath Healthy Gums Dental Floss (4ct)
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