Maintaining Braces for Fresh Breath

There are a lot of possible factors when determining what is the cause of bad breath. One of those possibilities is lack of proper braces and retainer care. By carefully maintaining orthodontic appliances, your breath can improve faster than you think.

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Braces & Bad Breath

While having braces is already bad enough, some people experience bad breath along with them. But why is that?

Retainer Care

Keeping your retainer and mouth clean are essential in making sure that your breath isn't rotten. Halitosis (bad breath) can often arise because you aren't taking proper care of your retainer.

DIY Braces & Tooth Decay

Doctors are worried about a growing trend of do-it-yourself orthodontics. Although this may sound insane, a Google search yields a plethora of videos demonstrating how to use the elastics as an inexpensive alternative to orthodontist-applied braces. The low cost may be appealing, but the potentially dangerous outcomes might not be worth it.

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