The Nightmare of Tonsil Stones

Struggling with seemingly unexplainable bad breath, despite following a healthy dental hygiene routine? The culprit might be one or more tonsil stones. Tonsil stones affect between 6% and 10% of the population each year, but many people don't know these foul-smelling annoyances even exist. They exhibit as small, white or cream-colored hard lumps on the tonsils and are formed from the accumulation of debris and bacteria.

Although they are hidden at the back of the throat within tonsil crevices, tonsil stones do cause recognizable symptoms that make them easier to detect. Some of these symptoms include chronic bad breath, sore throat without sickness, frequent coughing and a metallic taste in the mouth.

Tonsil Stone Basics

Tonsil Stones are nothing to be ashamed of, but the issue should be addressed fairly quickly. Read on for a thorough understanding of what causes tonsil stones, tonsil stone removal, and tonsil stone prevention.

What You Don't Know About Tonsil Stones

Read on for some random, not-well known facts about tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths.

What's That Smell?

Not sure what causes the terrible tonsil stone smell? Bad breath almost always issues from the mouth, especially from the tongue, teeth and palate. However, from the back of the throat a small, natural, pearl-like formation can ratchet up mild halitosis into a serious case of oral odor.

Rinse Away Tonsil Stones

If tonsil stones are asymptomatic, they can be left alone and eventually will break down on their own. It’s possible to remove tonsil stones at home, but larger ones may require the attention of a medical professional. Read on for some DIY remedies to help loosen them.

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