Dr. Harold Katz Talks Garlic Breath on NBC's Today Show

Leading expert on bad breath confirms through science what he's known for years: Natural mint leaf oils are the natural enemy of "garlic breath."

Dr. Harold Katz, creator and founder of TheraBreath, was recently interview on NBC's "Today" show about his research into mint leaf oils and Catechins; the two primary ingredients in his top-selling mouth rinse, TheraBreath PLUS.

The interview was a result of a recent study that showed mint leaf oil and the natural phenols and antioxidants contained in green tea are very effective against bad breath. These phenols and antioxidants, once extracted from the green tea, are called Catechins.

The study, published in the September Issue of the Journal of Food Science, found that when paired together, these natural ingredients are especially effective at combating stubborn garlic breath, eliminating it at a rate of up to 75%!

Widely recognized as one of the toughest odors to combat, garlic not only remains in the mouth after consumption, but also enters through the lungs and into the blood stream, causing garlic-tinged sweat. "People often try to kill garlic breath by brushing their teeth and rinsing their mouths out with alcohol-based mouthwashes," Said Dr. Katz, "Not only are both of those methods futile in battling garlic breath, but they also could exacerbate traditional bad breath by drying out the mouth. Saliva is nature's way of keeping your breath fresh!"

TheraBreath PLUS is available at TheraBreath.com or on Amazon.com. For more information on combating bad breath, or to learn more about the TheraBreath family of products, please visit http://www.therabreath.com/ebook/ or http://www.therabreath.com/research/.

About Dr. Katz, Founder of TheraBreath ®

Dr. Harold Katz is the recognized expert in the fields of bad breath, dry mouth, and tonsil stones. Known as the “Bad Breath Guru” from his numerous appearances on shows like “The View” and the CBS “Early Show,” he has helped millions of people around the world eliminate their bad breath problems. He is a graduate of UCLA and the UCLA School of Dentistry and has a degree in Bacteriology, also from UCLA.

About TheraBreath ®

Since the introduction of TheraBreath® products in 1994, Dr. Katz has helped more than six million people in 98 countries fight bad breath through the use of the TheraBreath® System formulas, which help eliminate bad breath and allow users to gain newfound self-confidence. TheraBreath® is the world’s top premium oral care system and has offices in Los Angeles, California. To learn more, visit http://www.therabreath.com.

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